Saturday, January 7



The past 2 weeks have been pure madness due to planning for Orientation which will take place next week! Hopefully the kids will enjoy themselves and that they'll start the school year on a high and positive note (:

The weather's been fabulous the past week (well we were having dry runs so I was glad that there were no showers and/ or thunderstorms!) and it's perfect to be out and about exploring restaurants that are situated in non-sheltered areas such as the Botanic Gardens!

 Jeffrey and I went to Halia not too long ago for lunch and we were quite impressed with the quiet and tranquil yet undisturbing ambience. We chose to sit indoors to hide from the heat and were lucky enough to get to sit right next to the glass window where we could look out at the people walking about! Definitely felt like we were in a fishbowl of sorts but we liked the experience.

Since I am a sucker for 'signature dishes and drinks', I couldn't help but order the Chilled Halia Infusion ($10), which was a kind of ginger tea mixed with other things which I don't remember. The ginger taste wasn't very strong but it was detectable and the drink on the whole was pretty welcoming.

When I'm lucky, Jeffrey will agree to order my favourite drink in the world - sprite ($6) - to share. This is always good because I've a back-up drink if the experimental drink that I order turns out to be bad!

On the day we visited Halia, their brunch special was fish & chips ($36), which we felt was slightly disappointing because the fish wasn't very juicy or tender. Also, the portion of the fish fillets were pretty small but I guess the fries sort of made up for the fish. I don't think the price of the dish reflects the quality of the food but it's okay.

I chose the Scrambled Eggs Set ($20) and the kind waitress allowed me to swap a sausage for portobello mushrooms! Felt that mine was definitely nicer than Jeffrey's and I happily ate my fill! Love having breakfast dishes!

Finally, we ended off our garden meal with Sticky Chocolate dessert ($12), which was a slice of dense brownie with a scoop of vanilla icecream - yumyum!

On the whole, though we liked the dining experience at Halia, I don't think it is a place which we're likely to revisit soon or often because we feel that it's too pricey! Well at least we tried something new & different at my favourite place in Singapore (:

Alright will try to get as much rest as possible before madness begins next week! (: Happy weekend!

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