Sunday, February 19

Bistro Petit Salut

Hello everyone (:

The weekend's coming to an end once again =S I sometimes wish that we could have a 4day-work-week and a 3day-weekend but I guess that's only possible if you are a uni student or if you have very flexible working hours!

This weekend was especially precious because one of my sisters will be going abroad for 5-6 months for exchange so we had a family farewell dinner and post-dinner walk together yesterday! It was particularly nice because most of us made the effort to be present and our moods were high so we had a great time yesterday (: We'll be having our farewell dinner part 2 this coming Friday when we go to the airport to send her off!

I realised that I've been heading to Holland Village area instead of Taka area on Sundays since the breakup because it's more convenient to get to Holland Village from wherever I am. Also, I think it takes less time to convene back home from Holland Village compared to town if I don't have the car. Thankfully, Holland Village is packed with numerous good restaurants so I usually am spoilt for choice! One of my favourite restaurants is definitely Bistro Petit Salut, which to me is a nice homely French restaurant that serves delicious and comforting food!

For those who think that Au Petit Salut at Dempsey is slightly too crowded or posh, you may wish to head to Bistro Petit Salut as I find the ambience more relaxed (:

Apart from their three-course lunch set ($28++), there is also a three-course executive lunch set ($38++) for those who prefer to have something a little more extravagant.

A basket of warm bread which came with cold, hard butter (the only kind that I'll eat!)

That day, we had 2 normal lunch sets and 1 executive lunch set. You can have a preview of their menu here.

Here are the photos we took that day of our starters:

 Duo of homemade pork garlic sausage and rillette with mesclun salad, walnut dressing

“Salade Lyonnais” with poached eggs, vegetables and croutons 

Cured Norweigian Salmon Tartare with Olive Oil, Lemon Juice & Fresh Herbs  

For our mains, we had:

“Minute” onglet beef with French mustard jus and mashed potato

Seafood risotto with light cream emulsion, parmesan cheese 

 Pan-seared US Sirloin Steak served with Mashed Potato & Garden Vege

And last but not least, for desserts, we had:

2 servings of Choux buns with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds because we really like them a lot!

 Homemade chestnut roll served with mixed berry compote

 We also had a cup of complimentary coffee/ tea each! (:
We entered Bistro Petit Salut ravenous and ready to be stuffed and we left happy, full and satiated (: I honestly think it's one of the most worth-it places to visit because of the incredibly affordable quality food! I will definitely be back again soon (:

Alright time to take a break from the computer! Will rest a little before getting back on to do prep work for tomorrow! Enjoy the last bit of your weekend! (:

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