Saturday, February 25


Hello! (:

The weekend's finally here again and I'm pleased that the weather held up today because I went towning to get shoes! I've thrown away most of my flats because they're either too worn out or too old so I was on a mission to buy at least one pair of flats but I got distracted along the way and got another pair of blue wedges! Ah well at least I fulfilled my mission at the end of the day because I managed to find a pair of affordable black flats so yay for me (:

Town was, as usual, pretty crowded and I was pretty relieved that I decided to have an especially late lunch so that I could beat the lunch crowd! (: Will blog about my lunch adventure in town another time because I want to blog again about Graze @Rochester! (:

I think Graze is fast becoming one of my to-go places when I feel like having a late lunch because I know they do not close for lunch and the atmosphere is really laid-back. You can spend your entire day there without feeling pressured that the staff will chase you out (: Coincidentally, it rained on the day I went to Graze so we basically sat indoors and ate and chatted till the rain stopped before we left (: What a decadent way to spend a weekend afternoon!

While waiting for food, it is always nice to have a good drink to keep the agony of waiting at bay. For me, it was a cup of frothy cappuccino ($6), which was average. I'm no coffee connoisseur so as long as the coffee doesn't taste too milky or overly burnt/ bitter, I'm fine with it. Am more of a chai-tea latte kind of person though so if there's chai tea latte on the menu, I'd always be tempted to try!

Because we knew that we were going to have a HUGE dessert platter that day, we chose to skip the appetizers and went straight for the mains!

I had the garden asparagus ($20) which consisted well-cooked asparagus and a poached egg that sat atop a piece of cooked salmon and muffin bread. It was a nice change from my usual eggs benedict because I could have some greens as well (: The small portion gave me ample room for desserts!

Matty chose to have the striploin ($44), which basically is steak with garden salad at the side. He said that the steak was very well-cooked and the black pepper sauce that came with it was not bad too.

My past trips to Graze have taught me that their desserts are generally above-average and since I was feeling like I could do with some endorphins that day, I chose to order the Dessert Tasting Platter ($36), which was honestly a dish fit for a dessert monster like me! My favouritres were the two scoops of icecream, a fried round ball that tasted like churros (there were dips for it!) and the banana creme brulee (: I felt that the chocolate lava cake was a let down because the lava didn't flow that day! =S Guess they didn't have time to heat it properly. I would urge you to order this so that you can sample most of their desserts at one go and I promise you happiness and a sugar high after you're done polishing the entire dish! =P

Alright that's all for now! Hope your weekend's going well. Have a great one! (:

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