Sunday, February 5

Seah Street Deli

Hello! (:

This weekend seems to be zooming by way too quickly for my liking! Had a great Saturday which I wish didn't have to end =( Withdrawal symptoms from a day of fun are starting to set in so I shall blog about food in an attempt to cheer myself up a little (:

A few weeks ago, Jeffrey, Matty, Jade, Justina and I went to Seah Street Deli for a late lunch. I recommended that place because of their to-die-for milkshake which I had the first time I went there. Unfortunately, the milkshakes we had that day were a HUGE disappointment! =( They weren't as thick as the one that I had during my first visit and what's worse was that they tasted no where near an average milkshake.. gah, so much for my strong recommendation! Maybe it was just a bad milkshake day. I'll try to go back again in future to see if I can get a chance to taste the goodness that blew me away the first time!

Vanilla milkshake ($10.50).
Chocolate milkshake ($10.50)

Oreo milkshake ($10.50).

Thankfully, our mains were much better! (: I think Seah Street Deli's really the place to go if you want some quality western grub! Here are photos of what we had that day:
Montecristo ($31.50) - essentially it's ham and cheese sandwich with a huge serving of wonderfully made mashed potato.

Brooklyn ($29.50) - smoked salmon with bagel and cream cheese, with a huge serving of coleslaw.

Rockefeller Reuben ($31.50) - corned beef sandwich with coleslaw.

Fish & chips ($33.50) - arguably one of the most expensive fish & chips we've had but worth every cent! (:
BLT ($26.50) - bacon sandwich with uber nice fries!

The servings are frankly ginormous so expect to leave with very full bellies! We didn't have enough space for desserts once again but we will eventually return to try them! (:

Alright I hope your weekend's going great! (: Am going off to rest now! See you! (:

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