Saturday, February 11


Hello everyone! (:

I'm finally going to blog about my first trip to Jaan! Three of us went to Jaan for my birthday lunch last month and we really loved the food and experience! (: Each of us ordered a 3course lunch set ($52++) and we tried very hard to not repeat dishes for each course so that we can see the range of dishes offered at Jaan. Initially I was afraid that the restaurant would give me the overly pretentious and atas vibe but am thankful that it turned out otherwise. The atmosphere was relaxed and the ambience was that of tranquility so lunch turned out to be an enjoyable affair! Here are some photos we took that day:


Lovely flower sitting at our table

Complementary starters:

Honestly I can't remember the exact components of each dish but they are balls of potato, some smoked fish with some jelly on top and hummus with crackers (yum!).

Then the most interesting of dishes came before us:

 Mushroom tea! (: (: (: It tasted really smooth and all three of us liked it a lot!

One of the nice things about Jaan is that there is free flow bread and butter throughout the entire meal! There are four types of bread to choose from but we only photographed one: 


Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute: Smoked organic egg, chauterelles, iberico de bellota & porcini crumbs.

Hand-dried Scallop & Avocado "Millefeuile": Light crustacean jelly citrus, ikura & bronze fennel (*additional $15)

 Organic Beetroot Composition: Burrata, olives, almonds & basil

Iberian Black Pork: Confit belly, braised cheek, grilled rib, trotter 'caillette', wild chantenay, carrot, pickled grey shallots & roasted chestnuts

Slow Steamed Atlantic Cod: Cauliflower cous cous, shellfish, sea grapes & watercress jus

Juniper Roasted Venison Loin: Pear, celeriac, sauce 'grand veneur' & black truffle


Choconuts 2012: Tanariva mousse, peanuts & macadamia nuts icecream. (The orange dish was given to cleanse our palattes - very refreshing!)

Brie de Meaux Truffe:  Herve Mons selected brie de meaux, perigord truffle and hazelnut (additional $25)

 Complementary coffee (I chose to have a cup of cappuccino!)

Complementary petit fours:

I would love to go back to Jaan again some day in the near future! (: The fact that we had a great aerial view from the restaurant made it better! (: Thank you for the birthday treat! (:


  1. oh wow, beautiful photos! This sounds like a great place to bring my dad for his birthday. Problem is it's all the way in april. I wonder if i'll be able to wait till then haha

  2. Hello Oysterdiaries! (:

    I think you can recce and see if you like it before bringing your dad to Jaan in April! (: Doesn't hurt to have two rounds of good food! (: