Friday, February 3


Hello! (:

It's a chilly night and all I want to do right now is to hop into bed and sleep the night away but this entry has been on the back of my mind for a while now because the cakes and desserts from Delicious are just too darn good not to rave about so here goes.

Last weekend, I received an unexpectedly pleasant surprise when Mrs Tan came over to pass my family 8 different types of desserts as well as a bunch of lilies (which are my favourite flowers btw!) for my birthday! The five of us, Jeffrey and Matty shared the cakes and tarts and all of us were sold! I didn't manage to taste some of them but I do trust my family's verdict! Here are some photos of the cakes that will most probably make you salivate:

I thought that the coconut cake was exceptionally well done! (: If you can't spot the coconut cake, it's the one with a twin sitting together in the blue box! The cake was light, soft and the coconut strips tasted very fresh, as if they were just stripped off a young baby coconut! The cream was also very light and non-gelat. I loved the coconut cake the most but the rest were also spectacular! I will probably check out Delicious at Scotts Square soon to see the array of sweet things on display (:

Partly because I'm not a huge flowers person and also because I think that buying flowers is a waste of money, I've never really received flowers, much less bouquets of flowers so you could imagine how surprised I was when I received a bouquet of my favourite flowers! (: Had to specially get a 'vase' to place them in but the effort was worth it because the room smelt nice for the days that followed (:

Thank you Mrs Tan for the presents! (: Much loved and appreciated! (:

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