Friday, March 23

Skinny Pizza


It's finally Friday! (: Many things seem to have taken place this week and I'm really looking forward to taking a break from going to school everyday this weekend! (: Am going to post a few photos of my recent trip to Skinny Pizza. We actually didn't eat much there because we had afternoon tea so I guess this was more like a light dinner/ early supper.

I think it's funny how I go to Skinny Pizza to eat everything else other than their pizzas! I guess I really prefer pizzas with a more chewy crust compared to thin and crispy or worse, crackly! Somehow crackly pizzas taste like biscuit to me and I don't know how to appreciate them.

Alright here's what we had that day:

Red Pepper & Tomato Soup ($6). This was surprisingly creamy and smooth! We both liked that it wasn't too sour - in fact it was slightly sweet - and that it was pretty thick so it's definitely something that I can forsee myself ordering again.

 Green Salad ($9). This was pretty plain but I guess it works if you, like me, just want to fulfil your daily requirement of greens!

The dish that took the limelight was obviously the King Prawn Linguine ($25), which I daresay is one of my favourite dishes to have at Skinny Pizza. It's SO flavourful and filling, you wouldn't be able to eat anything else for hours after this (that is if you manage to polish the entire plate of on your own!). Definitely a must-order if you're feeling like you need something satisfying!

There's Funorama @ACJC tomorrow and we're thinking of dropping by but we're keeping our options open for now (: I realise I'm the kind of person who loves to have my weekends absolutely free of appointments so that I can have the flexibility to do whatever I want, whenever I want! (:

Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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