Saturday, May 12

Outback Steakhouse

Hello everyone!

It's been a crazy week in school and I think it's going to get even busier as term draws to an end. Weekends are short and precious and though I feel that I should go out to meet up and catch up with friends, reality is that I'm often too tired and would want nothing more than just to have a good meal and then catch up on rest at home. More often than not, I find myself going along with the latter option! I know which meme my kids will cite if they find out about the comment that I just made but I can't help but speak the truth! haha

Last weekend, I visited Outback Steakhouse at Millenia Walk for the first time in my life! Well the story of how I ended up there can be condensed into a one line: that I've been having a bad streak of luck when it comes to choosing eating places because most of the eating places that I want to go recently (e.g. Food Republic at Wisma Atria, Mos Burger at Takashimaya, Sizzler's at Suntec City etc.) are either under renovation or have closed down! =( So this trip to Outback was not at all planned but I was pretty happy to have decent western food!

As none of us brought our cameras out that day, Matty took the following photos using his iphone! I am considering getting an iphone5 if & when it gets released so that I can take attendance with more ease as well as to replace my dying but trusty nokia!

Complementary WARM bread and soft butter served on a chopping board with a knife thrusted into the middle of the loaf! We were famished when we reached Outback so we were more than thankful for this starter! (:

Small bowl of warm, diluted vegetable soup which came as a side to Zaffrey's dish.

I FINALLY tried the Typhoon Bloom ($15.90) which my sister highly recommended! It's basically made up of layers of deep fried onion rings clumped together! Suprisingly, the onion strips were still pretty juicy so I didn't think it was too bad (:

Zaffrey chose to have the Tuscan Cream Chicken set ($16.90), which was generally okay. Like Black Angus, Outback also tries to serve some boiled vegetables as sides so that is a lovely touch!

I chose to have the grilled salmon ($26.90) and I thought it was pretty good! If you're feeling a little hungrier than usual, I would suggest ordering this dish because the slab of salmon was thick and well-grilled (just look at those marks!) and there's even nicely-flavoured rice to accompany it! This managed to fill me up nicely!

Finally, Matty chose to have the 1/2 rack of baby back ribs ($20.90), which he said was pretty small because there wasn't much meat! But on the whole, the standard was okay. The fries were good though!

All in all, I think Outback Steakhouse is an alternative to other restaurants such as Swensens and NYDC serving western food! If you're pretty bored of trying a range of fries, you should pop by Outback just to try their nest of onion rings! (:

Alright that's all for now. Goodnight!

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