Monday, May 14


Hello everyone!

It's down to the last two weeks of term but there are a multitude of events and activities packed into these two weeks so I'll probably be very busy! I guess this will make all of us appreciate our upcoming holiday even more because all we want to do is to have some time to ourselves to just rest. I am looking forward to that!

Anyway, we were just taking a drive around town a few days ago and we realised that many shopping centres are undergoing renovation, many new shops have sprung up and many 'old' ones have relocated. Looks like I should go to town for a walk after the madness of these two weeks die down to see the changes for myself! Believe it or not, I sometimes miss uni days when I get to meet my good friends more often to go for our shopping marathons down Orchard Road! To sustain our energy, we often took lunch/ tea/ dinner breaks at cafes/ restaurants to rest our tired soles before continuing with our shopping!

If you're looking for a place for lunch/ tea/ dinner, you might want to pop by Delicious at Scotts Square because it is accessible and you are able to choose from a wide variety of food that caters to varying appetite-sizes as well as palates.

Since Zaffrey has never been to Delicious, we decided to visit it together not too long ago for a late lunch/ tea.

Larger than usual cup of cappuccino ($7) which was as usual a delight to have (: Would have been nicer if it were slighter warmer.

And my previous experience taught me that I should order their shoestring fries ($7) because it tastes good and also because the rest of the dishes take a while to get served so it's nice to have some fries to much on! Jeffrey likes it because he thinks it's not too salty.

Their caesar salad ($9) with a poached egg sitting in the middle. I thought this was generally okay though I felt that the dressing was a little too strong for my liking. Nevertheless, we finished everything!

Mr. Malnourished chose to have the mama bolognaise spaghetti ($15) as well which he commented was best for people who love meat balls as there were huge chunks of meat in this spaghetti!

Perhaps the two great things about Delicious is the large seating capacity and the reasonably priced dishes - which makes it quite a good place for a meet up or a rest stop (: If I had to choose a less-crowded cafe-ish place to dine at, Delicious would definitely be one of my choices!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great week ahead!

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