Saturday, May 19

The White Rabbit

Hello everyone!

The weekend's finally here again! The weather's been nothing short of great these few days for outdoor activities, which the kids in school have been actively taking part in! Many of them went for kayaking on Tuesday and Wednesday and ended up very tanned/ burnt so they turned up with different shades of redness on their faces! Looks painful but I hope they'd fun!

Anyway, we went to The White Rabbit straight after school last Friday because we needed to take a break and were pleasantly surprised when we managed to get a table despite not being making a reservation! However, the lady requested that we finish our meal by 8.15pm for the next seating, which we were happy to do.

The lighting was extremely low in The White Rabbit so our photos turned out slightly blur! Please pardon them! Menu wise, The White Rabbit serves a pretty decent range of food at quite high (at least in my opinion) prices. Actually, I think the prices are comparable to PS Cafe's except that the portions at The White Rabbit are much smaller so you may have to order more sharing dishes to fill your tummy!

Complimentary free bread before our food arrived. I think you can request to have more bread if you are hungry! The cold hard butter that came with this was nice!

Spinach salad with poached egg ($18) for sharing. It was a change from the usual caesar salad as well as house salad. I liked the boiled, soft spinach!

The dish that I had originally wanted to have - Spinach Aglio Olio with Mushrooms ($28) - which was pretty decent according to Jeffrey. I will have this next time! (:

I chose to have the risotto ($34) just so that Jeffrey and I didn't end up eating the same dish! THe risotto was pretty well done! I liked that it wasn't too creamy or gelat, which definitely helped in the polishing off of the entire dish!

Matty's oxtail dish ($36) was okay but I think he found that it had way too many small bones so he is not going to order this the next time round! Other than that, he commented that this was one of the few oxtail dishes that he has seen having so many kinds of vegetables as complements. Interesting touch!

We thought for quite a while before deciding whether to have desserts at The White Rabbit or to go somewhere else for desserts because The White Rabbit's dessert menu didn't seem to tickle our fancy. In the end, we chose to have desserts there because we were tired and lazy to go somewhere else. Plus it was a Friday night so everywhere else would be crowded anyway. So here's what we ordered:

Profiteroles ($14), which was average tasting. We liked the vanilla ice-cream though!

And the chocolate fondant ($16), which actually was better than expected!

I liked the food and ambience but I think their dishes are slightly too pricey for the standards as well as portions so I may not come back too often!

Alright that's all for now! (: Have a great weekend everyone!

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