Sunday, May 27

Muthu's Curry

Hello everyone!

The June holidays are here! (: I hope that all my kids and friends who are in the teaching line will take some time out to rest and recuperate for Sem 2 is going to go by much faster than Sem 1! I'll be off for a camp tomorrow till Friday night so I won't be updating this space much.. I will try to squeeze in one more post before I fly the following Tuesday!

 Anyhow, I am convinced that my streak of bad luck wrt choosing food places is NOT yet gone! =( I wanted to eat at Cafe Beviamo today but to my horror, I realised that it has been taken over by another cafe! Oh man. If this goes on, I'll soon run out of old haunts to go to! Thankfully, one of the few nice restaurants that I like at Suntec City is still standing!

The three of us went to Muthu's Curry not too long ago for lunch and I'm pleased that the standard is still there! My family went there a couple of years ago and we all liked the food, especially the curry and the nan, so we were glad that nothing much has changed wrt quality of food.

Their marketing tagline - Muthu's Curry: it's never enough!

We sat near the exhibition kitchen and we got to see the cook make nan, and skewered dishes like chicken tikka!

Papadam, which I think is something most people like.

Mango Lassi ($6) on the left and Lime Juice ($3.50) on the right. I felt a bit uncertain ordering the mango lassi because Matty said that he doesn't really like it due to past experience but I decided to go ahead anyway. Thankfully, the mango lassie turned out to be wonderfully sweet and smoothie-like, which suited my preference! (:

Because Jeffrey's a rice monster, we had to order a bowl of briyani rice to share! I think they count the briyani rice, side vegetables and papadam as one 'serving' and they charge $4/serving so we paid $12 in all for these three items.

The side vegetables which came together with the papadam and briyani rice.

Fish Sarson Tikka ($11). I've always liked Fish Tikka and the one served at Muthu's is flavourful and tender, not quite like the other ones that I usually have at buffets, which are somewhat slightly harder (perhaps due to being left on the display counter for a longer period of time?). I would definitely have this again next time.

Oh this was the dish I regretted ordering - Masala King Prawns. I should have known that they would not shell the prawns but alas, it was too late. The king prawns came at $7/ piece so we paid $21 for this dish because we ordered 3 king prawns! I don't particularly like king prawns when they're cooked this way so next time, I shall remember not to order this. Fortunately, the king prawns were fresh and tasted pretty succulent!

Cashew Chicken ($10), which the guys liked! The thick, buttery gravy was simply great for dipping our nan in!

Possibly my favourite dish that day: Aaloo Matter ($8), which is a concoction of peas and potatoes cooked in curry. Loved it! Great to go with nan too!

Vegetable cutlet ($5), this is basically potato cum veggie coated with bread crumbs and it tastes like potato croquette! Not bad for sharing but don't try to eat all on your own lest you get a sore throat!

Last but not least, the dish that I can't not order when I eat Indian food - nan! I'd a difficult time choosing which nan to order so that kind waiter recommended the assorted nan basket ($12), which had 3-4 different types of nan. What a delight! Unfortunately, we were way too stuffed to finish all the nan but we managed to try each flavour!

I would LOVE to go back to Muthu's Curry again in the near future! Hopefully we'll get more people along so that we can order a wider range of dishes!

Alright that's all for now. Have a great week ahead! (:

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