Saturday, May 5

Melt: The World Cafe


We revisited Melt for my first post-H buffet hoping that it would be as fantastic as we remembered it to be and thankfully it didn't disappoint! (: Having been there before, I had certain high expectations and thankfully those were met otherwise I think I would feel a little overcharged considering we paid $98++/pax for their non-alcoholic Sunday lunch buffet! It comes with free flow of drinks (soft drinks, fruit juices, tea/ coffee) so we needn't have to worry about paying for overpriced sprite! haha

The flower on the table top remained the same! (:

There are a few dishes that you ought to give a try when you visit Melt - for novelty sake (:

First is the Foie Gras, which is tucked at a corner so you have to really walk the entire area to find it! Apparently it's quite popular as many people ordered it!

Next is the mousse truffle potato in egg shell! The truffle smell is barely there but you have to try it anyhow because we don't get served in egg shells very often!

Of course there is a seafood section which seems to be everyone's favourite. Somehow, I didn't fancy the seafood section very much so I ate everything else instead! Here are some photos of what we had that day:

Eggs Benedict - not the best there is! The muffin base is hard and the hollandaise sauce is slightly lacking but the good thing is that there are different types of poached eggs - eggs benedict, eggs florentine etc. I usually can't remember the names but this is the one with the spinach instead of ham.

Because there's just way too much food to describe, I'll leave you with the photos!

You musn't miss the BBQ Grill counter, which is situated OUTDOORS! You literally have to walk out of Melt into the garden area to get your grilled food! The satays are pretty worth it! (:

And if you, like me, are a carbo fan and NEEDS carbo in your diet, you should try their tomato pasta because it's one of the freshest tasting seafood tomato pasta that I've had in a long time! (: Yummy stuff!

Oh their dessert area is huge but unfortunately, they do NOT serve bread & butter pudding =( Their waffles are fantastic though so you ought to try! I took too many cut-up waffle slices for my chocolate fondue fun that I decided not to get a full waffle or that'll be waffle-overkill! Other than that, we also stole a bowl full of huge, sweet strawberries from the fondue section! haha Pity we didn't take a photo of that! The dessert range is definitely much larger than this but I think my companions weren't really into dessert so we didn't get to try most of them:

On the whole I must say that I enjoyed my meal at Melt (: Though the restaurant was filled with the weekend crowd, it wasn't overly noisy or crowded, which I am greatly thankful for because I realised that my tolerance for noisy places has gone down quite a bit.

Alright that's all for now (: have a great long weekend everyone! (:

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  1. Ooh, apparently, there is Eggs Benedict in Seoul! (: But I am hesitant to hunt it down since the Koreans have been demonstrating a strange reluctance to use salt and/or pepper for their eggs? Okay, , hahaha!