Sunday, August 26


Hello everyone (:

I think I might one day be able to cover all the dishes served at Chums because we keep going back there for more! It certainly doesn't help that Chums is so nearby so everytime we're lazy to go far for food, Chums becomes our default choice!

We just went there yesterday for dinner but we didn't bring our camera so we didn't get to take photos of our food. Their dinner menu's very different from their day time menu and it's worth a try if you are in the mood for some western food!

Anyhow, here are some photos taken during one of our lunches:

Cappuccino ($5.50)

Orange juice ($7) - as you can tell, we're quite boring when it comes to drink choices.

I finally succumbed and ordered eggs benedict ($15.90) - I absolutely LOVE their toast! The eggs were alright except that the hollandaise sauce was a little too thick and creamy for my liking.

The scrambled eggs with bacon ($12.90) was very well received because the diner absolutely loves the way the eggs were done!

The famous Chums Burger ($15.90), which was also very well done. I love their fries! (: If I'm not wrong, they've daily Chums deals and the burger is on that list! Great way to entice people to check Chums out!

I think we love their fries a tad too much so we ordered cheesy fries ($5.50) to share. I'm not a fan of that cheesy sauce thingy but it wasn't too bad (: Great side for sharing!

Alright I need to prep for school and I desperately need to get well! Hate it when I fall ill once/ twice a year cos I take so long to recover. Blah. Thank goodness I'm healthy on other days!

Okay that's all for today. Have a great week ahead! (:

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