Saturday, August 4

Indian Curry House

Having lived at my current home for more than a decade, one would think that I would have tried most if not all the different foods available in the area which I lived. That is obviously not true. I've always passed by the row of shops near 6th avenue facing the main street, looked at the various restaurants and cafes lined up there and told myself, repeatedly, that one day I'll visit one of these restaurants before they (touch wood) close down.

Apart from the few times that I visited The Tea Party cafe, I have never eaten at any other restaurant along that short stretch so when the opportunity arose last weekend, I decided to pop into one of the two Indian restaurants there.

Why I chose to have my meal at Indian Curry House instead of the other is a mystery to me. I guess we were still deciding whether to have Indian food for lunch while we were walking by the first restaurant so by the time we made up our minds, we were at the entrance of Indian Curry House so we decided to walk in.

There is a little 'play area' with simple toys like the ones above for toddlers who possibly would like to entertain themselves while waiting for the food or while eating.

Coned and cold papadam. Somehow this papadam was thicker than usual and while I found the presentation interesting, it didn't taste very different from the usual except that it might be slightly saltier.

Mint yoghurt and orange chutney sauce to go with the papadam and our food. I realised I love orange chutney! (:

Double or nothing - lime juice ($4/ glass). Not freshly squeezed and a bit too concentrated for my liking.

An aerial view of all the dishes that we ordered! From left in clockwise direction: Dal Makhani Khaas ($12.90), Palak Paneer (which is spinach paneer, $13.90), Garlic and Butter Naan ($3.50 for each type), Butter Chicken ($16.90). What I absolutely loved about our selection of dishes is that it consisted of varying types of sauces that we could dip our naan in! It was my first time trying spinach paneer and though it looks pretty intimidating, it actually tastes fine! The thing about Indian sauces is that they look very little but they are extremely filling! We left feeling bloated and full.

Frankly, I wouldn't say that this was the best Indian food that I've had but it's decent. Price-wise, it's not really worth it to have Indian food at Indian Curry House so perhaps you might want to consider somewhere else instead.

Alright that's all (: Have a good weekend everyone!

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