Wednesday, August 8


Hello (:

We continued our trawl around our neighbourhood and landed up at Wishbone on one fateful afternoon. Definitely not our top choice for a lunch venue but due to a combination of many other unfortunate reasons, we ended up there and we hoped that we would at least be treated to some decent tasting grub after our short walk in the rain.

This restaurant has apparently survived decades at the basement of Bukit Timah Plaza but the queer thing is that I had never been enticed to visit Wishbone. Prior to this visit, I think I've been there on two other occasions and I don't recall the food being particularly good or bad. If you do not remember what your food tasted from a particular restaurant tasted like, count yourself lucky -- you have forgotten.

Since chicken rice was one of the 'chef recommended dishes', we decided to order it and thankfully it was actually okay! The chicken, my dear friend says, was a little tough but the rice was oh-so-fragrant! (: I helped to finish 1/4 bowl of yummy rice! I am not a rice person but I think I like flavoured rice.. hmm. Shall try more types of rice to find out.

The fried hokkien mee, on the other hand, was something that you would never want to order. I had thought that I'd be treated to 'homecooked' kind of hokkien mee but I was wrong. The gravy didn't stick to the noodles at all and it tasted pretty bland and unflavourful. It was possibly one of the worst plate of fried hokkien mee I've eaten in my life and I'll never order this again.

We also shared an overpriced bowl of pulut hitam! =S It wasn't particularly bad but it was definitely not stunningly good either; just plain average. This bowl of 'traditional' dessert was really not worth the money.

I think Wishbone is not too bad a place to go to if you don't mind having something just to fill your tummy but don't expect anything out of the ordinary. It serves a wide variety of local and western dishes so you might find something to suit your taste! Also, there are pretty affordable set lunches which I think is quite worth it! Personally, I wouldn't go back too often if I can help it but at least I know that there's a back up place to go to if I need to desperately satisfy my hunger.

Alright that's all for now! (: Have a great National Day holiday! (:

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