Saturday, August 18

Marche @Raffles CIty

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted anything because I've been caught up with work! I visited Marche at Somerset 313 just now for a late dinner and I was reminded that I've a blogpost about my experience at the new Marche outlet at Raffles City awaiting to be written so here it is now!

We visited Marche @Raffles City a couple of weeks ago by mistake. We had wanted to have Oriole's weekend brunch but as luck would have it, we missed our stop so we decided to head towards the City Hall area, which on hindsight wasn't too bad a choice!

The seating capacity of this new outlet isn't too big but the restaurant does maintain it's cottage-y feel. Unlike the other Marche outlets, this restaurant is a normal sit-down restaurant, which means that we need not use the card-system here.

Marche serves breakfast till 12noon on weekends and we were pretty unlucky in that we arrived at 12 on the dot so we had to order from their rather limited lunch menu instead.

Matty chose to have the Beef Crepe ($16.50), which tasted pretty much like the other crepes at the other outlets while

I chose to have the banana nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream ($12.50). Though their crepes are nothing spectacular, I can't help but always order it for my main course because I absolutely love having a huge sweet main course to myself! Not to mention, it was at Marche that I first fell in love with sweet crepe so I have a tendency to always order this whenever I visit Marche. The nutella spread is something quite new because I've not had it at the other outlets and since I'm a chocolate fan, the nutella suited my taste very well.

Perhaps the best part of the meal was, as usual, desserts! We were feeling greedy so we decided to go for the Baked Apple Tart ($12.50), thinking it would be something that packed a punch since it cost so much! It turns out to be oven baked apple slices pizza bread! It came with a pair of sharp scissors so we could cut the pizza up in any shape and size that we wanted. We both agreed that the pizza bread was PERFECTLY done - chewy, fragrant and completely delicious! (: I think this is definitely worth going back for!

I think I would still prefer going to the other two Marche outlets as the range of food served at those two outlets is much bigger but for the baked apple tart, I might consider going back to Marche @Raffles City from time to time (:

Alright it's time to sleep. Goodnight!

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