Sunday, August 19

Chili's Grill & Bar

Hello (:

It feels great to be able to take time out to blog instead of having to rush to do many things (including rest and play and prep for school) because we've one more day off tomorrow! (: Most people I know appreciate this long weekend and I am no exception!

If you're planning to have a hearty meal with your friends any time soon and if you are a fan of western/ mexican-ish type of food, I'd suggest that you head down to Chili's because you'll not be disappointed!

Last weekend, we went to Tanglin Mall because we had wanted to eat at one of my favourite cafes but because the queue was too long, we decided to hop over to Chili's - a decision that we were both okay with since we had never eaten at Chili's before! The atmosphere in Chili's is similar to Black Angus, Outback Steakhouse and Hard Rock Cafe - it's slightly dark and you get the sense that it'll be a popular hangout place in the evenings where people come together to eat, drink and chat. Pretty chillax in tha sense so it's not intimidating at all.

We actually walked all the way from Takashimaya to Tangli Mall (because I somehow thought that they were quite close geographically, oops) and by the time we reached Chili's, we were both in need of a thirst-quenching drink! Their lemonade and strawberry lemonade ($6 per glass) were 'recommended' so we thought to give them a try but frankly, the lemonades were one of the worst we've had so I don't think I'll recommend anyone these drinks! One good thing about ordering drinks at Chili's is that most of their non-alcoholic drinks are refillable! I shall order Sprite the next time I return!

This dish almost eluded my attention when I was looking through the menu but I am thankful I caught it just before I made my order because it was extremely satisfying! This quesadilla veggie ($18) is not only affordable, it also tastes great! In fact, I think it's one of the better quesadillas I've had! Yumyum. The only problem I had was that I wasn't able to finish the entire meal on my own (trust me - it's ginormous!) but I still could eat most of it so it's fine (: Would definitely love to have a quesadilla party in future!

Matty chose to have the half BBQ ribs ($29), which came with 2 sides (he chose mashed potatoes and fries) and we were gobsmacked the second time round when we saw the portion size! Seriously, I think 2 people can share 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert instead of ordering 2 main courses because if you do the latter, you cannot possibly have a starter or a dessert unless you're ravenous! He was very pleased with his ribs and we were also pretty impressed by their mash and fries! Good combination if you are quite a carbs-lover like myself! (:

We would definitely go back again some time in the near future to try their desserts but this time, we'll be a little wiser and share a main so that we can have space for dessert (and if we're hungry, perhaps some nachos?). Alright that's all for now! Bye!

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