Sunday, October 14

Pizzeria Mozza


It's marking season and I've been diligently doing my work (hence the lack of posts) but I decided to find some time this morning to blog about Mozza because I've been craving Italian (in particular risotto) food! Having been to Mozza once prior to our recent visit together, I knew that we would be well fed and contented after the meal and after this visit, I can say for sure that this place serves extremely hearty and solid food!

Their iconic envelope (:

Never in my life had I seen a plate of Lardo ($18) - partly because of ignorance, partly because I don't eat it - so this plate of lard was new to me. Frankly I kept thinking that it looked like flat rice rolls (aka chee chong fun) and wanted to eat it (because I love chee chong fun) but apparently it's nothing like that! According to Matty, it 'melts in your mouth' and it tasted 'superb' to him. So I guess it's really worth a try if you are not averse to lard and would like some (exotic) indulgence.

Our other starter was the famous tricolore salad ($18), which was highly recommended by my best friend and we loved it! What I love most about this salad is its refreshing tasting dressing! Matty noted that the salad is very well tossed because all the leaves are covered with some bits of cheese and he thinks that's another reason why this salad packs a punch! Also, the portion is huge so you needn't worry about not having enough veggies for the night. I truly love this dish!

We decided to only get one pizza - the Funghi Piizza ($30) - because past experience tells me that we will struggle to finish more than 1 pizza so we had better not make the fatal mistake of over-ordering to prevent food wastage! Mozza really knows how to make a fine dough base because I would readily rank this pizza base as THE BEST I've ever tasted (though I know that it really is up to one's personal preference what kind of base you like). It's chewy yet not too doughy and it is perfect for the bountiful amount of ingredients sitting on it! The funghi pizza can be a tad too salty for some people but I like it a lot (:

For desserts, we tried the brown butter tart ($17), which was a little dry for my liking but it's light enough for those who don't want/ like heavy desserts.

The other dessert dish we ordered was their famous Budino ($16) (i.e. butterscotch mousse with sea salt caramel and cream) and this left my taste buds singing oooh-la-la! You MUST leave some space in your tummy for this rather small dessert because it made me really happy!

Mozza's a place I would definitely love to return to in the near future! Perhaps I'll bring the limmies there once I'm done with my marking just to celebrate surviving marking season, yet again =) Till then, I'll press on with marking!

Have a great weekend!

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