Sunday, October 21

Robert Timms


We're nearing the end of our glorious weekend so I shall post our happy meal of the day to remember a weekend well-spent! =) Contrary to what dee/dum thinks, I actually didn't feel that guilty so I guess I have been expecting this short break for some time (:

We ate at Robert Timms today and it was wonderful! We were famished by the time we reached Robert Timms so everything on the menu looked delectable!

I knew that I was going to order a cappuccino ($6.30/ cup) because I wanted to have a bear on my coffee! You know the only thing that I remember of Robert Timms is the HUGE bear that was on my foam the first time I went there for a drink. Imagine the bear above being magnified till it fills 7/8 of the surface area - that's how big my first bear was! Oh well. The attentive waiter figured that I'm a sucker for such stenciled animals so he told us that we could have a lion (see cup on the right). I asked if we could have a zebra instead but he said they don't do zebras.. hmm I shall ask for the range of animals they have the next time I go there. haha!

I had the French Toast with Maple Syrup and Fruits ($11.80) which I totally adored! The toast is really yummy cos they didn't use plain bread; instead, the bread had some grains in it and it gave the toast more texture! I shall attempt to make this at home some time in the near future (:

Dee/dum had the Breakfast Down Under ($15.50), which was filling and yummy! Thankfully the sausage was up to standard and he liked it (: Pardon the blurry shot - he must have been too hungry and wanted to get to his food fast! Heh.

We would definitely go back to Robert Timms again in future! Maybe I'd drop by some day just to try their desserts which look quite substantial and hearty!

Alright have a great week ahead! (:

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  1. The coffee art is super duper cute! Okay, I'm def asking for more intricate art the next time I'm there.