Wednesday, October 3

Osteria Operetta


I think I've found THE Italian restaurant that serves the nicest tasting complimentary bread - Osteria Operetta! (: This restaurant opened not too long ago and we decided to pop by on Sunday afternoon to try it out since we didn't want to go anywhere too far for our meal!

We were pretty surprised to see that the restaurant was half-filled with the Sunday crowd even though it only opened 30mins before we arrived! I guess it really is quite popular, probably because of the good quality food as well as the cosy, homely interior!

We were served with this generous bread basket which not only had warm mini-bread buns (the focaccia was fantastic!), it also had those pita-like bread and magic-wand sticks! =D Totally delicious!

We ordered this large bottle of S.Pellegrino because I felt that I needed something fizzy that day and I didn't want to order expensive Sprite. But of course Matty reminded me that this isn't any cheaper but I argued that at least it had more volume! haha Fine next time I shall just stick to Sprite and normal tap water (:

The comforting bowl of mushroom soup with truffle and olive oil ($8)! It tasted very homemade and it had quite a bit of texture. Good alternative if you do not wish to have salad.

This dish is called "Diavola" ($25) and it basically is pasta with a very heavy seafood-tasting-and-smelling sauce because it has sea urchin and oysters mixed into it! The first bite was a shock to my senses but I guess it was okay after a while. I am glad we decided to be brave and order this very exotic sounding dish, definitely a dish I'll remember (:

A relatively more normal dish - the chitarra pizza ($28), which actually is salami slices and cheese pizza (: I love the slightly doughy pizza base and the bountiful amounts of tomato sauce and cheese! Yumyum (:

Alright that's enough of a break! Shall go back to doing work now. Have a great rest of the week! (:

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