Monday, October 1



The weekend that went by was simply glorious - I wouldn't mind having more of those! I think we may have overdid it on the good food but I guess we have our own ways of coping with the demands of life and mine is definitely through eating good food!

Shall not blog much because I've other things beckoning so here are some pics that we took of what we had at Carousel, an immensely popular restaurant to go to for lunch (base on what we've observed from our trips there thus far):

Double or nothing shot of our very pricey cappuccino ($9/ cup)! It was pretty average.

I must say that the range and quality of food have improved quite remarkably since the last time we went there at the earlier part of the year (: The freshness, the flavour and the abundant mix of all things good really made our Saturday (:

We will be back! (:

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. Saturday lunch buffet costs about $50++/ pax.

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