Sunday, October 7

Shimbashi Soba


We have been rolling on a streak of luck since this morning and we're extremely thankful for that! (: (: (:

I blame the cold weather as well as our hunger for the lack of photos from today's lunch at the newly renovated Shimbashi Soba (Paragon)! We were REALLY famished so we didn't take photos of our sides (2 pieces of salmon sushi for $4, two cups of chawanmushi that cost $7.80 each) as well as our dessert (green tea icecream with mochi ball, jelly, red bean paste and fruit, $9.80).

We, however, did manage to get two photos of our mains:

Tempura Seiro Soba ($20.80), which tasted authentic and pleased Matty very much! (: Oh I didn't know that the soba sauce could be 'recycled' to make soba tea! Basically you'll retain your soba sauce and the waitress/ waiter will bring this pot of soba water (i.e. water that they boiled the soba in) and you can mix the soba water with your soba sauce to make soba tea. I tried a mouthful and it tasted somewhat like mild miso soup. Not too bad for a cold day but I doubt I'll readily drink it! 

Shokado B ($27.80) which came with a medium bowl of warm soba, some sushi, some sashimi, some tempura and two slices of watermelon! (: I thought this was PERFECT as I could get a taste of all things Japanese in one meal. Love having such wonderful sets (:

We would highly recommend Shimbashi Soba as the to-go-to restaurant for authentic-tasting soba and udon! You wouldn't be disappointed! (:

Have a great week ahead! (:

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