Sunday, March 31

Easter Brunch at One-Ninety

Hello everyone! (:

Happy Easter! (: (: (: This is possibly my first time doing something a little different on Easter. No, I didn't celebrate the tradition in its full glory but I did, however, used the event as an excuse to indulge in food.. A LOT of good food.

Truth is that my wonderful friend Matty decided to take me out for Easter Brunch at One-Ninety because the first week back at school was pretty harsh on the system and I'm so thankful that he did that because we had a great time! (: Apart from the sheer amount of food (read: lots and lots of meat!) that we ate, we also had a great time chatting and watching people that dining around us (: In short, in was a lovely round-up to the long weekend and I am truly thankful for friends like him (:

If you LOVE meat and foie gras and seafood, you really ought to come for this buffet next year if they decide to have it again. The cost per pax is a pricey $108++ but for the ambience, the food and the company.. it is pretty worth it I guess (: It boils down to how much you expect and want to get out of it! Alright enough yakking.. here are some photos taken today:

There really was a lot more food to eat but we kept going back for the ones that we liked and skipped the others so the dishes here aren't at all representative of all there was on offer today.

Love these glorious weekends (: I wish time would tarry a little during the weekend but it is okay! We always have the next weekend to look forward to.

Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

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