Friday, March 15

Kith Cafe (Park Mall)

Hello everyone!

The March hols are finally here! (: (: (: It's time to take some time to rest, recuperate and of course, to relish every minute spent doing things we enjoy and meet people we love whom we seldom get to meet during term time!

If you will be out and about meeting friends this weekend or this coming week, I'd recommend Kith Cafe @Park Mall as I think they serve pretty great breakfast sets as well as drinks! (: There is limited seating capacity and if you are, like me, claustrophobic, I'd not recommend you to sit right inside the cafe as it can get quite warm and stuffy! =( Sit near the doors if you are sitting indoors or choose to sit outdoors if you prefer more air (: The only gripe with outdoor seating is that it can get a tad too warm if the sun is scorching!

Alright enough blabbering, here are some photos!

I chose to have the honey ginger chai tea latter ($5), which was only so-so. I like my chai tea lattes to be strong and this tasted more cinnamon-ish/ sweet. But it was a comforting drink to have after my horrible karma incident just before this meal!

Matty chose to have the tiny macchiato ($4), which never fails to amuse me because of its size! According to him, it was pretty decent! I shall make it a point to order a macchiato in the near future so that I know how it tastes like!

His main dish was the Big Breakfast ($16.50), which was decently priced and well-portioned! Each of the items on the plate was actually of above-average quality and the sausage was apparently much better than expected! (: You really should have this if you want a hearty meal!

Alternatively, if you aren't feeling too meaty that day, you can try Green Eggs & Toast ($15), which was what I had that day and it was splendid! (: I never taught that this meal could fill me up but it did a pretty good job (: I especially loved the eggs on the crisp and warm toast - it totally made my day! (:

I wanted to have desserts but I felt too claustrophobic so I decided to leave instead. However, I made it a point to buy banana bread ($5.50 for 3 slices) and earl grey pound cake ($4.50/ slice) before I went back home! (: The earl grey pound cake was yummy! Would definitely go back there just to buy the cake for breakfast the next day (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great week ahead! (:

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