Wednesday, March 20

Werner's Oven

Hello! (:

I shall post about my trip to the east this afternoon since I've decided to give myself a break before I move on to do other stuff!

A few of us went to Werner's Oven this afternoon to celebrate one of our friend's/ colleague's birthday and it turned out to be one of the best places I've been to for small group meet-ups. Werner's Oven isn't a big restaurant, it's more like a homely cafe (see photo above) and it is relatively quiet on a Wednesday afternoon. Apart from us, there was only another couple dining at Werner's and just before we left, another girl came along to dine here. Don't be mistaken that their food is terrible just because they have very few patrons at lunch! It actually is the opposite because Werner's serves very authentic and good German food! (: In fact, it is so good that it's worth going back again in the near future! (:

We started off with the Wurstplatte for 2 ($48), which is a Sausage Platter that has a few type of sausages:  farmer's, weisswurst, smoked, nĂ¼rnbergerle. And these sausages are served with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes & German bread. The sausages were neatly and efficiently sliced up and were quickly consumed so I am guessing that they had to be pretty good (:

I think this plate of stewed potatoes and vege is an extra side dishes from one of our mains featured in the other photos.

The famous Knusperiege Schweinhaxe ($21.50), aka crispy pork knuckle served with mashed potatoes & sauerkraut, was the dish that we had anticipated and went all the way to the East for. The skin of this pork knuckle is fried till it is crisp and it crackles when cut! We ordered two of these and both were de-fleshed by the time we were done with them. I guess they had to be REALLY good! (: On my part, I especially LOVED the mashed potato and couldn't help getting more servings of it from the different plates with mash on them. The mashed potato did not have an overly milky texture nor was it too buttery so it was perfect for me! (: 

They also shared  the Ox-tail Stew ($21.50), which contains big chunks of ox-tail stewed to perfection served with a buttered roll. This was also readily and heartily consumed by all (except me) at the table (:

Of course they didn't forget to order a fish dish for me and I had the Breaded Fish & Chips served with green salad ($14.50). To my surprise, the slices of fish were much thinner than expected but I must commend the chef for making the breaded fish fillet less oily than most I've had prior to this. I think this portion size of fish and chips is just enough!  (But I ate a lot of mashed potato before this dish came so my comment might not be totally accurate). Nevertheless, it should be enough for a person with average appetite.

In all, I enjoyed my afternoon with friends and I do hope to go back to Werner's again to try other dishes. What I was also very happy with is that Werner's actually has a bakery just next door that sells fantastic tasting bread! I bought the oatmeal bread loaf home and am already looking forward to having some oatmeal bread for breakfast tomorrow! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Hope to update again soon!

Have a great rest of the week! (:

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