Wednesday, May 1


Hello (:

I just wanted to say that I think I am finally going to end my summer fling with macaroons because I've had enough of them for now. This box of 18 from Ladurée ($90) was good but it didn't blow me away (I suspect that is because I'd expected the macaroons to be significantly different/ better than the others that I've tried). Anyhow, the macaroons were nice but they are really pricey for those little sweet hamburger-like things! heh. Perhaps I'll have a couple or a few again in the near future but I doubt I'll go all out to "have one of each flavour" from every single macaroon place that I drop by any more from now on.

The fling was fantastic while it lasted but like all good things, it has to come to an end. Till the next big fling! (:


  1. hello! why are yr macarons so expensive? it's $3.80 per pc only!

    1. Oh I think it is because they gave me a box? The lady at the counter just asked if that box is okay and I placidly said okay (: hahaha! Oh well. Thanks for letting me know that one macaroon costs $3.80! (:

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