Friday, May 24

Paradise Dynasty


The past few weeks have been crazy because it's marking season and there were many other things going on  which needed my attention as well.. sometimes I wonder if it's even possible to just focus on one thing and do it without getting hijacked by something else! Anyhow, the end is nigh and we're pushing all the way to the finish! (: Will look forward to getting a break in June.

We went to Paradise Dynasty for a late lunch/ tea a week or two ago during a weekday and we were quite pleased that we didn't have to wait for long to get a seat! I think it's only possible to dine here without having to queue at really odd times of the day.. so I guess if you really love xiao long baos, you can try to pop by between the 2-5pm window where there are fewer patrons.

Paradise Dynasty is famous for their colourful XLBs but since I don't eat them and my friend had never been to Paradise Dynasty before, he chose to have the normal XLBs ($7.30 for 6) so that he could compare it with the XLBs that he has tried before. His verdict? The XLBs at Paradise Dynasty tastes more refined compared to Din Tai Fung but not mindblowing enough to make him want to queue for a seat here.

We tried a new dish that day - cold tofu with century eggs ($6.80) - and I was quite surprised that I actually liked it! I don't think I'm a fan of cold tofu but this one tasted quite non-threatening and it was light, smooth and easy to eat. I'll definitely have this again in future! (:

Since I am consciously trying to incorporate dark green veggies into my diet as much as possible, I chose to order a plate of garlic spinach ($10.80) and it was fragrant and satisfying. I was initially quite surprised that the vegetable leaves were so soft clumpy but it was alright.

I also ordered my 'usual' dimsum dish: radish pastry ($3.90) and it was cooked to perfection that day! (: I think it was made on the spot because it tasted so fresh and good! The piping hot flaky pastry went superbly well with the soft and savoury radish filling.. they made me so happy! (:

Last but not least, we ordered a bowl of shrimp scallion noodles ($7.30), which is basically plain noodles with those brown things on top for flavour. This deceptively plain dish is actually very satisfying and I love it! It goes very well with any dish that you order and it isn't overly filling. I realised that I can't actually eat the brown things because they are difficult to chew, much less swallow.. haha so I just left them uneaten.

Alright that is all for now (: Off to take a break on Vesak Day.. (:

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