Monday, May 6

Pizzeria Mozza


The week that just passed was pretty memorable because it was the first time I dropped my hp and had to pay a lot of money for a new screen. Am still feeling quite blah when I think about it so I try not to think about it as much as I can but every time I look at my handphone, I'm reminded of how much more expensive it is now after its face-lift and I can't help feeling sore about it again. I shall do my very best to be more careful when handling this fragile device from now on. This is why Nokia is still my favourite handphone brand.

Apart from that, life is pretty much the same. There's always a lot of work to be done and there is hardly enough time for leisure, which is why I am very thankful that I managed to catch Raka's performance of Rubaiyat on Friday night at the Esplanade. It was a novel experience for me to be watching Indian classical and contemporary dance, let alone watching how it has been used with poetry to express the ideas in the poem. Frankly, I don't fully understand what the entire performance was about but there were some sections which I appreciated and I left the Esplanade more determined to expose myself to a wider variety of performance art (:

Saturday morning was spent in school for a half day course and after that, Matty and I decided to make a trip back to Pizzeria Mozza for some yummy Italian food to kick start the weekend.

We were served complimentary salty crackers for starters, which were great! I love anything salty so this went down very well for me (:

I have been in love with Mozza's Tricolore Salad ($18) since I first had it with Jo so I always make it a point to order this when I go to Mozza. It never fails to delight (:

Instead of the usual mushroom pizza, we decided to be a tad more adventurous yesterday and went ahead with the Burrata, slow roasted tomato & Sicilian oregano pizza ($30). I know I've said this before but I really love the texture of the pizza bread. I was pretty surprised that the roasted tomato tasted sweet, which was a nice twist from the usual sourish tomato paste. I had no regrets trying this dish though I am not a huge fan of burrata!

Apart from the Tricolore Salad, the other item that I always order is the Butterscotch Budino ($16), which is, in my humble opinion, THE best dessert when it comes to including seasalt caramel. I absolutely cannot resist this item and I'd definitely return to Mozza for more of this! (:

Since we were quite hungry that afternoon, we ordered another dessert - the Lime Cheesecake ($18), which was also pretty solid. The sticky lime sauce that the slice of cheesecake is sitting on is refreshingly sour and it complements the cheesecake surprisingly well (: I thought that the pairing of the two desserts was perfect because we had a blend of sweet, salty, sour tastes all at once (: Fantastic feast for the taste buds - they were bursting with joy!

This week's going to be quite a long and hard week but I'll do my best to take all things in my stride as always.. (: Have a great week ahead everyone!

P.S. All pics were taken using my iPhone because I left my camera in the car. Pfft.

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