Saturday, September 21

Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

Hello! (:

Today was fun because I finally went to SEA Aquarium with my good friend, Liang Cai, whose birthday is today! (: He loves looking at fishes and I haven't been wanting to visit the Aquarium so I thought why not celebrate his birthday at the Aquarium followed by dinner at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora? (:

We took our chance by visiting the aquarium only at 4pm, which turned out to be a fantastic idea cos there was hardly any queue! That made me feel that I wasted $30 paying for the 'express' tickets online because I was advised to buy those lest I had to queue for 3hours. But that didn't really bother me because the most important thing is that we managed to see a wide range of fishes and their underwater friends! (: I would highly recommend that you go to the Aquarium if you haven't been because it's wholly different from our old Underwater World in a good way (:

After taking a walk around the entire aquarium, we went to Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora for an early dinner. There were two seatings (5.30pm or 8.30pm) to choose from and we chose the former because we didn't want to have dinner too late. I don't usually like to eat before 7pm but I didn't really have a choice for this so we went for an early dinner (:

Coincidentally, Resorts World Sentosa was having a RWS Food Affair so participating restaurants (Ocean Restaurant is one of them) came up with Special Set Menus for this event (:

Each five-course set costs $158++ and I think that the hefty price is well justified due to the nice and comfortable ambience as well as the good quality food (: I opted for the vegetarian set because there were two dishes in the normal menu that I didn't want to have but I also didn't want to have the 3rd course in the vegetarian set, which was goat cheese, so I told the waiter that I'd very much like to have the normal 3rd course, which is the salmon, scallop and lobster and thankfully the chef acquiesced to my request so I managed to have a very filling meal! (: Whee

Here are the photos taken with the iPhone at today's dinner (I forgot to bring my camera, erps):

Amuse Bouche  

-  First Course -

 Crab Salad
Chilled Corn Veloute & Avocado

Vegetarian Caviar
Cauliflower Custard

 -  Second Course -

Pan Fried Duck Liver
Sous Vide Apple, Lemon Compote & Apple Gel

Gouda Cheese
Pistachio Puree, Sour Cherry & Textures of Burundi Coffee Bean

 -  Third Course -

Salmon, Scallop & Lobster
Cauliflower Puree, Sautéed Garden Peas & Shellfish Emulsion

Vegetarian Option (not photographed): 
Roasted Beet Root Tartlet
Goat Cheese & Rucola

 -  Fourth Course -

 Kurobuta Pork Belly & Fried Octopus
Sauerkraut Puree, Cabbage Roll & Mustard

Sautéed Baby Vegetable, Olive Oil Mashed Potato & Confit of Aubergine

 -  Fifth Course -

 Seasonal Berries
Strawberry Sorbet & Espuma

My two favourite courses were the scallop, salmon and lobster and the dessert (: Oh and I think the highlight of dinner was naming a huge fish Dennis Rodman! haha

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you, my friend! (: I hope you had a great evening out celebrating your birthday at SEA Aquarium and Ocean Restaurant! (: May you continue to be happier and more settled as you find yourself (:

Goodnight! (:

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