Wednesday, September 11

Nine Thirty

Hello! (:

In a blink of an eye, half of Sept hols have gone by =| I REALLY wish for time to slow down so that we can all enjoy the second half of Sept hols before the great dash to the finish line!

Having said that though, this week has been great so far (: I managed to sleep a lot more and I have been eating way more good food than usual so life is pretty much good and I shouldn't complain! (Still, a longer break wouldn't hurt anyone, would it!)

Matty and I went to Nine Thirty at Esplanade (previously Loola's) for lunch last week before school holidays began and that was when we discovered that Loola's has been renamed and 're-branded'. Instead of serving rather interesting/ fusion-type dishes, Nine Thirty now serves more western and local dishes to cater to the regular crowd.

Upon the waiter's recommendation, we ordered the Battered Fries ($9.90), which turned out to be much better than expected! I think the vinaigrette sauce complemented the battered fries superbly well and I enjoyed this dish! However, if you are prone to getting a sore throat after having too much fried and heaty food, I'd advised against ordering this because I felt quite greased-out after finishing this entire basket of fries!  

 The Wild Mushroom Soup ($9) was pretty normal and there is nothing to rave about. I thought that the single slice of mushroom atop the soup was quite pathetic =S They could have given more or taken it out completely! Heh.

The star all our savoury dishes was the Mutton Chop ($20), which Matty remarked was very good! I think the chef(s) at Nine Thirty (and previously Loola's) know how to do their meats because another friend raved about one of their Loola's meat dishes before too (: Sounds like it's a safe bet to order something meaty from their menu!

I couldn't resist but order their Hot Dark Chocolate with Truffle Chocolate ($8 per glass) and while their hot chocolate isn't as rich as Au Chocolat's, it was tasty enough on its own (: The truffle chocolate was definitely a nice touch and I ate it with much glee. 

To end off our meal, we had a delectable slice of stacked chocolate cake ($7.50), which was moist and rich and perfect (: You can get this at any Awfully Chocolate outlet and I'm thinking of doing just that the next time I pass by an outlet! It's fantastic (:

Alright that is all for now (: Will try to remember to take photos of the food that I'll be having cos sometimes we get too carried away talking and catching up that I don't have time to take photos! (:

Goodnight! (:

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