Saturday, September 7

Wild Honey

Hello (:

The September hols are finally here! (: Even though most of us will be spending half our hols doing work, I think most of us still welcome this break because it gives us some freedom to catch up with rest, friends and life in general (:

On Thursday night after Teachers' Day Celebrations in school, we decided to try our luck by checking out if a particular limited edition item is still available so we made our way to town! On the way there, we were quite worried that we would be caught in a massive jam because we heard that a tree fell just after Heeren and we were heading to that area! =( I guess our lucky stars were shining on us that day because not only did we get to town safely, we also managed to get the limited edition item before dinner! (: Wheee! What a great way to kick start our Sept break! (:

Since it was a cold and wet day, we wanted to have ramen but alas the queue was monstrously long so we went to Wild Honey, which had NO queue, which is quite surprising because they used to be packed to the brim! I guess the bad press got around and that might have affected their image.. but we didn't receive bad service that night so I guess it's still alright to dine there (:

I had the Portobello Road and it was perfect because I could eat everything on the plate! Heheh (: I forgot to keep the receipt so I've no idea how much each item in this post cost but I think the main dishes are around $20 or so. This dish was surprisingly filling and I didn't feel like I needed to have a huge dessert after finishing this so I was quite pleased with this dish.

My dinner companion had the Tunisian, which was a warm hearty dish and perfect for someone who likes to control the amount of sauce one puts on his/ her bread. Personally, I don't like soggy bread so sometimes it's good to be able to control how 'wet' you want your bread to be.

We also shared the French Lemon Tart which tasted slightly odd to me because it didn't taste like other lemon tarts that I've tried before. I am guessing that they added cheese or something with a pretty strong taste so there was a very strong after taste, which I didn't quite like. Oh well, at least I now know not to have this the next time I visit them.

Alright that's all for now (: Will have to head back to school in a while to do my duty for an event but I am looking forward to supper with my other best friend after that! (:  Wheee~ Have a good weekend! (:

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