Sunday, September 29

Prego Sunday Buffet Lunch

Hello! (:

It has been a while since I went to Prego so I decided to drop by for their Sunday Buffet Lunch today and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made this weekend! (:

I've always known Prego to have a laid-back and chillax-kind of atmosphere and today's lunch verified my impression of the restaurant. There was a couple of house singers doing covers of catchy pop songs (and they can do other songs upon request) with the guitar and that added to the friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

It was my first time having their buffet lunch and, from what I read online, it is marketed as 'semi-buffet', which is all well and good except that I had absolutely no idea what that meant =S Thankfully, upon arrival, one of the many busy waitresses managed to stop by our table and explained that we can help ourselves to the buffet counters and that we can order 2 'main dishes' at a time from this clipboard which has sheets of paper menu clipped onto them (see photo below). Happy that we finally knew how the system works, we opted for the non-alcoholic buffet lunch which costs $68++/pax and went ahead to indulge ourselves! (:

The range of food at the buffet counters was pretty amazing and what I liked was most of the dishes (at least those that we tried) were well-made and fresh-tasting (: Here are some photos of the dishes we had:

 Apart from the buffet counters, you can also order your mains from this menu:

There are about 40 items on this A3 size menu so there's LOADS to choose from! (: We only managed to try a few dishes because they were pretty filling! All the dishes that we ordered turned out great so we didn't regret ordering anything. The only gripe I have about this mains-ordering-system is the complete and utter waste of paper! You see, we are only allowed to order 1 item per person at a time so this means that we could only check off 2 boxes per sheet of paper per order. And if we want to order another two dishes, we'll have to use a brand new piece of paper! Isn't that ridiculous? =X I hope that they can revise this ordering system soon because I don't think it's green in any way. 

Alright shall ranting and show some photos of the mains that we tried today: 

Yup that's about it! (: Am looking forward to my next good meal next weekend! (: Have a great week ahead! (:

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