Tuesday, September 3

The House of Robert Timms (again!)

Hello (:

I'm starting to think that Robert Timms is the place to go whenever I need/ want/ crave for some fast and fuss-free cafe food. Granted that the food isn't spectacularly good, I still feel that it is a safe choice and it satisfies me sufficiently for me to want to keep going back whenever I feel that I need a cafe-food/ western fix.

Their pumpkin soup ($8.90) was thick and full-bodied and I thoroughly enjoyed it with the accompanying slices of crispy wholegrain bread which were lightly drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled salt grains.

Their spinach and mushroom salad ($14) was also a great meal in itself, especially if you love baby spinach like me! (: Thankfully my companion and I shared this dish or I wouldn't have been able to eat the rest of the dishes that we ordered! 

Their extremely hearty breakfast down under ($15.50) is extremely worth it if you are one with a big appetite and/ or famished. Just look at the portion size! Definitely good for sharing if you, like us, are interested in ordering food to share (:

Finally, we shared a lemon meringue tart ($7) and I had a cup of chai tea latte ($5.80) to end of the entire meal (:  I liked that the lemon wasn't too sour but I felt that it was a tad too sweet for my liking. The meringue was slightly thicker/ stickier than usual but it was alright (: Chai Tea Latte wasn't the strongest that I've had but it was good and warm for the soul (:

Would definitely be back again in the near future and I hope to try new dishes! Problem with me is that I tend to choose the same few dishes because I like them =| Oh well. We shall see (:

Two more days to the 'end' of the week.. I can't wait!

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