Saturday, October 19

Angus House

Hello! (:

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and I decided to visit Angus House because we wanted to try something new. Tucked in a corner on the 4th level of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, it is hard to notice but I took note of it when I last visited their toy department at Takashimaya and made a mental note to try it.

Angus House was pretty packed when we went so we were thankful that we got a window seat (: I love sitting by the window as I can look out while eating and chatting.. (: The service is prompt and the staff are polite so there's nothing to not like about Angus House's setting and atmosphere (:  Food wise, it didn't disappoint either but if you don't really fancy fusion-type food then perhaps you won't like this place.

We decided to get a set lunch each! You need to top up a little for certain set lunches whereas others come as a set on its own already. For instance, my spaghetti set costs ($30) whereas the rib eye steak set costs ($62.50; the steak itself costs $55.50 and we had to top up $7 to make it a set).

Each set comes with

a shallow bowl of soup of the day (ours was mushroom soup which I liked (: It wasn't too thick nor too watery and the taste was average),

freshly baked bread roll with butter, (oh this was SO good! The bread bun was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! It really was delightful having this (: )

and a full plate of salad with Japanese dressing! (:

Frankly I was pretty full by this point in time already because I hadn't expected so many starter dishes, so I think if you, like me, have a huge appetite, then this set lunch might be perfect for you cos it filled me right up!

Here are the photos of our main courses:

The rib-eye steak, which was juicy and had nice sauce accompanying it,

and my scallops and salmon pasta with miso sauce! (: I like that the sauce wasn't too strong so the the entire dish remained quite 'light' and easy to eat.

Finally, we each had a slice of their famous tiramisu, which is also a part of the lunch set, so we really were well-fed and well-stuffed! Heh.Their tiramisu was good but I still prefer Da Paolo's! Am hunting around for other tiramisu that might not disappoint since I'm on a tiramisu craze at the moment =|

Heh alright that's all for now. Have a great weekend! (:

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