Wednesday, October 16

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant

 Hello! (:

This shall be a really short and quick post because I need to log off and catch some rest before heading to school early in the morning tomorrow. It's marking season so I'll be out of action for a bit till I'm done with my marking! However, I have to fulfil my personal commitment to keeping this space alive so I'm going to post something before scooting off! (:

Sometime last week, we decided to take a short break from marking and head to Sofra for dinner! It was one of those rainy evenings and all we were looking forward to having some warm food to cheer us up! (: The real reason why we ended up at Sofra was that we had wanted to check a particular shop at Shaw Towers out so Sofra seemed like the most natural choice for dinner. Truth be told, this is yet another place that I've always heard of in my late teens and early twenties but somehow I have never eaten there. I guess it is good that I finally managed to try the food at Sofra and it didn't disappoint (: 

We ordered a glass of Tricajus ($5.20, featured on the left) and a glass of Sofra Mocktail ($5.20) and they both tasted pretty refreshing. I think it's important to choose drinks that are relatively light and not too thick or heavy because I feel that Turkish food generally has pretty strong flavours.

We shared a huge Salad Plate ($16.50) with Turkish Bread ($2.90) and it was actually very filling! (: I'm partial towards hummus so that was my favourite item on the plate. I still prefer Original Sin's starter platter but I guess this has different items and taste and on the whole, it was good (:

He has the Shish Lamb Kebab ($17.50), which was pretty okay. I think he expected the meat to be more tender but it wasn't tough and it was pretty well marinated so I guess on the whole it was an average dish. My favourite item on this dish is the rice-looking orange grains, which tasted somewhat like fat cous cous and cold risotto.. haha I think I just like to have carbo =P

I had the Sofra Fish ($16.90), which was a fillet cooked in tomato sauce in a tin foil! (: The fish was tender but the sauce was pretty bland.. I would have preferred it to be slightly saltier but I guess it's okay. There was more turkish bread so I happily dipped them into the sauce and ate them all up (:

Finally, I tried some authentic turkish desserts! (: The stuffed fig ($5.40, top) tasted much like a date and it was stuffed with a walnut each! The baklava ($5.90) was a puff pastry that was drizzled with exceptionally sweet sauce, which was a tad too sweet for my liking. Funny how I can take the thickest and richest chocolate but I don't really appreciate this kind of saccharine sweetness. Heh. It was a good experience though and I don't regret it one bit (: 

Yup that's all for now! (: Time to get some sleep so that I can mark on tomorrow after invigilating! (: Goodnight! (: 

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