Wednesday, October 9

LP + Tetsu


This is way overdue and till now I can't believe I forgot to blog about my virgin trip to LP + Tetsu during the September holidays! Oh my. Well I guess it's better late than never but I must confess that I can't exactly remember what we ate nor can I remember how much we paid so I'm just going to give a very general recap of what I thought of our lunch at LP+Tetsu and then paste some photos we took that day! (: Alright here goes!

Like some of the restaurants on my 'to eat' list, LP+Tetsu offers relatively 'affordable' lunch sets that serve fine-dining type food. I used 'affordable' because it really is still expensive in my opinion but I guess it would have been more pricey if we had dined there during dinner so comparatively, it is more 'affordable'. Apart from wanting to check this place out, we wanted to reward ourselves for surviving Term 3 so splurging on lunch seemed like (and I still think it is) a perfectly justified thing to do (: 

There weren't many people on the day we went for lunch so I could just snap photos of the tables next to ours. What we love about the table setting, apart from the cool cutlery is our not-so-friendly-table-companion, aka a fighting fish! Every table has a tall glass with a fighting fish in it! I am not sure if you can see the fish in the photos above but you can try to spot it. It's the first time I've been to a restaurant with a fighting fish as 'table display' so needless to say, I was pretty much amused. The fish at our table looked quite tame and I guess it must be bored out of its wits because it only has such a limited space to move about. Eeks, poor fish.

Our complimentary bread which was crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside (: I love bread that have this texture (: Would have this with cold hard butter any time!

Okay this was a complimentary amuse bouche and it contained some meat with pepper ice-cream! The pepper ice-cream had a distinct taste and contrary to my expectations, it actually tasted pretty good! (: I doubt I'll ever eat more than a tiny blob of it so the serving size was just perfect. I didn't touch the meat at all so I've no idea what it is but according to Matty, the two went well together (: 

This was our starter - it was basically fish with diced vegetables. Frankly I thought that the presentation was really pretty but the dish was just so-so to me.  I didn't like the fact that the fish looked raw (it was actually smoked) and somehow the different components of the dish complement each other to give that interesting burst of flavour that I was anticipating, so this dish was quite disappointing in my opinion.  

My main course - cod - was much much better (: I actually liked how tender the fish meat was and the sauce (which tasted slightly like lobster bisque but thankfully was not) went well with the fish meat (:  So thankful this turned out okay or I would definitely be disappointed!

Matty chose to have sous vide chicken and he enjoyed his main course a lot (: Frankly, when I first saw this, it reminded me of the Chinese roast pork and it was hard for me to imagine that chicken could look like that too.

Interestingly, we both decided to have the same dessert - some chocolatey dessert that had a very interesting presentation and tasted rich and good! (: I think all desserts should be like this - filling, rich and sinful (:

Oh we ended our meal with these two juicy 'tartlets'. If I'm not wrong, the one on the left is sour apple and the one on the right is orange citrus. You have to hold each tartlet by the base and then pop the entire thing into your mouth. Upon reaching your tongue, the membrane that is holding the top part will tear and all the wonderfully refreshing liquid will ooze out! (: It was fascinating eating this and I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing taste it left in my mouth (: Would definitely love to have this again in future!

Alright that's all for now (: Am looking forward to the year end holiday so that I can go for more set lunches and try new food! (: Time to get back to work! Have a great rest of the week! (:

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