Saturday, October 26

Halia at Raffles Hotel

Hello! (:

It's finally the weekend again! (: The past few days have been filled with doing bits and bobs and I'm just glad that I can take a short breather this weekend to recharge for yet another busy week next week!

I realised that it's terribly difficult to make a high tea reservation at those renowned high tea places (e.g. The Tea Lounge at The Regent Hotel) if I don't make the reservation way in advance. Thankfully, I don't have a strong preference for dining anywhere these days.. I just wish to try some place new (and preferably serves average to fantastic food). We'll see where I can possibly go to this weekend! (:

Joanne and I went to Halia at Raffles Hotel last weekend for an early dinner and we mostly tried their signature dishes, which I must say didn't superseded my expectations! (: Unfortunately I had a late lunch that day so I wasn't very hungry so I didn't get to try their desserts.. perhaps next time! (:

We started off with the Potato fries, truffle aioli & piquant mayo ($8), which essentially is truffle fries and it was fab (: I am inclined to believe that truffle fries usually taste good unless they are too oily or if the fries are over-fried. Definitely a safe dish to order and munch on while waiting for your other dishes to arrive. 

We also tried their famous Celeriac "lasagna" - Mushoom, thyme, baby spinach, lemon, madeira cream ($12), which was a pretty heavy starter due to the creamy mushroom sauce so it's best to share this if you intend to order it. I think this is definitely a must-order if you want to try a different kind of starter (: I liked it and I'm quite sure mushroom fans will too! 

Finally, we had the Halia Chilli Crab - Spaghettini, spring onion, egg ($25), and I think most people come to Halia to try this dish! (: They weren't kidding when they said that we would be given generous portions of crab meat because that's exactly what we got! (: It's not too spicy and it's good "local" dish for all to savour. I reckon I'll order this again when I go back to Halia in the near future! (: 

You can visit this website to view their menu! (: I am pleasantly surprised that the prices are relatively affordable, which I think is a huge plus point! Also, the staff are very friendly, polite and attentive so there's really nothing not to like about this place. I'll definitely be back again! (:

Happy weekend everyone! (:


  1. you mean to say supersede your expectations. (:

  2. oh yes! thanks for pointing that out! haha (: shall edit it now.. thank you (: