Sunday, November 22

Au Petit Salut @Harding Road


The weather's been lovely all weekend and it definitely makes me feel more cheery! (: Jeffrey and I celebrated our friend's birthday last week at Au Petit Salut and so I'm going to blog about our experience there today. We've been to Au Petit Salut before and both of us enjoyed the food tremendously so we were looking forward to celebrating our friend's birthday there! (:

Each table has a little cup of flowers/ leaves for decoration.

So far, we've only tried their lunch menu because their dinner menu's pretty pricey! We'll probably get around to trying their dinner menu sometime in the near future or whenever we're feeling particularly rich. =)

We ordered two frizzes because they were having a 1-for-1 promotion.

Jeffrey and I chose to share a Pina Colada ($9) which was thick, creamy and rich. We liked it a lot!

Our friend chose to have the Orange Frizz ($9) which was light and refreshing (:

Complimentary bread which was warm and soft & a cold slab of butter. I love having cold butter on warm soft bread, somehow the difference in temperature is extremely palateable to me.

Each of us had the $30++/ pax set lunch which consists of an appetizer, a main, dessert and complimentary coffee/ tea. Since Au Petit Salut has kindly made their menu available online, I can refer to it for the names of dishes!

Our friend chose to have this starter which I can't seem to locate on the menu but it's essentially salad with some kind of meat.
Tuna tartare with fresh basil and olive oil, rocket salad and croutons. It was pretty alright though I would prefer not to have rocket salad because I don't think I like rocket leaves that much.
Vegetable soup of the day! (: I liked this soup because it wasn't too creamy or too thick, definitely a good starter to have if you want to have something light.

Pan seared onglet beef served with confit shallots and french fries. Jeffrey had this the first time we visited Au Petit Salut and he decided that he likes it a lot so he ordered it again this time! I hope he'll try something different the next time we visit, otherwise it'll probably end up as his default Au Petit Salut main dish.

Crispy filo pastry filled with ragout of braised duck, mushroom puree and salad. Our friend said that the duck was nothing short of awesome! The layer covering the duck meat was thin and crispy and it was a good complement to the warm and juicy duck meat. =)

Wild mushroom risotto with baby spinach and Parmesan cheese. I loved my risotto! I ate every morsel of it! Heh. Both of them tasted it and commented that it was very well cooked =) People who cannot stand cheese or creamy stuff may find this a bit too overpowering so unless you're prepared for a high dosage of cheese and milk, don't order this because you'll probably not be able to finish it.

Creme brulee infused with Madagascar vanilla beans. I had this during my previous visit and it was mouth-wateringly good! I've not eaten many creme brulees in my life but this was definitely one of the nicer ones that I've tasted thus far!

Home made chocolate icecream, chocolate milk and chocolate sauce. Jeffrey chose to have this chocolatey dessert and he quite liked it =)

Choux buns filled with vanilla icecream in warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds. I couldn't resist ordering this because I remember it being sinfully good! It has a mix of chocolate AND icecream, which are two of my favourite sweet things! This would by my default dessert choice if I can't decide on what to order.

Here are some photos that Jeffrey and I took on our previous visit:

I think they served us wholemeal bread the other time.

Tuna tartare with fresh basil and olive oil, rocket salad and croutons. I know this looks very different from the photo above so I'm wondering whether they've changed the way they prepare this dish. Hmmm.

Oh I remember being enchanted by this fish dish! It was SOOO good! Unfortunately it's not on the menu anymore so I can't have it. The little yellow ball-like things went so well with the fish fillet. I was actually looking forward to eating this dish again but thankfully my mushroom risotto didn't disappoint.

Jeffrey had the Onglet as mentioned before.

The default dessert choice: choux buns filled with vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce and sliced almonds.

Creme brulee.
Complimentary coffee/ tea! I love the rectangular blocks of sugar! =) They look so pretty and they never fail to entice me to drink some tea.

If you're keen on trying French food and you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, Au Petit Salut is the place to go (: Their quality of food is guaranteed and their service is excellent. Please make a reservation before you go though because it tends to get crowded on weekends.

Alright that's all for now! (: Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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