Tuesday, November 24

Bistro Petit Salut

Hello! (:

Since my previous post was on French food, I've decided to do a short post on our visit to Bistro Petit Salut during the first half of the year. Like Au Petit Salut, Bistro Petit Salut is another French restaurant that serves quality food at reasonable prices. Compared to Au Petit Salut, Bistro gives a more homely feeling and I think it's a better place for families or close friends to catch up and have a pleasant meal together (:

We went for the $25++/pax lunch set and it consists of a three course meal with complimentary coffee and tea. Some of the items on Bistro's menu can be found in Au Petit Salut's menu as well. They've modified their menu since our last visit so some of the items that we ordered can't be found on their current menu. Nevertheless, I believe they're worth featuring (:

Complimentary bread. I don't really recall how this tasted so I guess it was pretty normal.

For starters, both of us ordered a caesar salad each. I love caesar salads because it has such a rich taste.

Angel-hair pasta with vegetables and mushrooms. I remember being awed by this dish because I didn't expect it to carry with it such a flavourful taste. It is, without a doubt, one of the few fantastic vegetarian pasta dishes that I've tasted so far.

Jeffrey had steak with fries, which was something like the Onglet that he had at Au Petit Salut except that his steak was drizzled in some kinda green sauce (as seen above). He prefers his Onglet dish at Au Petit Salut so I guess this dish isn't the best one to offer if you're not feeling adventurous on that day.

For desserts, Jeffrey chose to have blueberry cheesecake with green apple sorbet. I thought that his dessert had a lovely combination but because he doesn't like blueberry and he dislikes sour things, this dish wasn't to his liking.

Being the chocolate lover that I am, I chose to have warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla icecream. It was so well done that I literally wiped my plate clean! Thumbs up! (:

Bistro Petit Salut is THE place to go if you want to try out authentic French fare without forking out too much money (: Do try it if you're feeling frenchy! (:

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