Thursday, November 26

Kuishin Bo

Hello everyone! (:

We've a nice & long weekend ahead of us! Wheehee! The weather's been amazingly sunny these three days and I hope it stays this way for a while more because it's troublesome to go out when it's raining. What plans have you made? Jeffrey and I will be having our weekly good food date as usual this coming Saturday =)

Speaking of food, I'd like to recommend a value-for-money buffet to all Japanese food lovers! You should check out Kuishin Bo lunch/ dinner buffet because it's FANTASTIC! (: It's not as expensive as buffets at hotels and their range of food is nothing short of AWESOME! (: There's just SO much to eat and I doubt anyone can try EVERY SINGLE DISH on display.

My family used to dine at Kuishin Bo pretty often before it decided to abolish the ala carte ordering system. My family members (excluding myself) are relatively small eaters so we stopped visiting Kuishin Bo after it adopted the buffet concept.

Needless to say, it's been a while since I ate at Kuishin Bo and I'm impressed with the quantity and quality of food served! Jeffrey and I went for their weekend lunch buffet at Great World City last week. We paid $36/pax (including GST) and we feel that it's worth every cent paid!

The enormous signboard outside the restaurant which indicates the different prices of buffets.

One of my gripes about the buffets that we've been to is that they only include water, coffee and tea but exclude the repertoire of 'common' drinks such as soft drinks and fruit juices. Kuishin Bo didn't give me the opportunity to whine about the lack of 'common' drinks because we could have free flow supply of soft drinks, fruit juices, tea (there were many kinds of tea bags for you to choose) as well as coffee/ latte/ milo (from the machine). We were bowled over by the amount of drinks on offer and I was thankful that I didn't have to go through the usual financial dilemma regarding whether or not to order a cup of overpriced sprite.

Two cups of orange juice.

The hot milo tasted so good that each of us had a cup each!

Clam Chowder. The soup was light and non-viscous and I liked it very much. There were three other kinds of soup to choose from so soup lovers will adore the soup station.

Jeffrey usually starts his meal with some salad (usually plain lettuce) and sides such as potato salad and fried rice.

Side dishes: Sweet potato, potato salad, crabmeat mixture, cold noodles with vegetables (tasted like the Japanese version of cold hokkien mee).

I couldn't resist having some sashimi so I treated myself to some salmon sashimi as well as some potato salad, a california maki and a triple crabmeat sushi (yum!).

More triple crabmeat sushi, california makis, crabmeat sushi, 'simple' sushis and one prawn tempura.

Prawn handroll, crayfish (everyone was eating it as if it is some kind of delicacy but Jeffrey said it was so-so only), gluttinous rice and more sushis.

Tempura prawn handroll.

Seafood hotpot. We don't usually go for such soupy stuff but somehow it seemed to be calling out to us that day so we decided to order one to share. The soup base was surprisingly sweet and the condiments were pretty delicious as well.

Stir fried vegetables with chilli, gluttinous rice, seafood in cream sauce and japanese curry.

Takoyaki/ Octopus balls. They weren't very warm so they weren't as tasty as I expected them to be.

Grilled dory and salmon with terriyaki sauce. The fish fillets were really well done and if I'd enough stomach space, I'd definitely go for another round of fish!

More fried rice, prawn tempura, a solo sushi and Japanese version of chicken satay (which wasn't fantastic).

It's finally time for desserts! Kuishin Bo's dessert spread exceeded my expectations. Not only did it include Japanese desserts like mochis and konyaku jellies, it had 'western' desserts including 'gourmet' chocolates! Simply too good to be true (: (: (:

Chocolate eclair, chocolate banana mousse cake, three types of gourmet chocolates.

Brownie, oreo cheesecake, another kind of chocolate, black sesame mochi, apple crumble tartlet!

Vanilla icecream which had a milkier texture than expected. Nice (:

Chocolate mousse, mango mousse, green tea cheesecake, marble cheesecake.

Due to limited stomach capacity, we didn't manage to try all their desserts but I assure you that there're still some more food and desserts that we didn't manage to try! If you are craving for a hearty Japanese meal, please go to Kuishin Bo! You'll not regret it! =)


  1. gosh! the food looks sooo good!!! :D
    sumi here~ :p

  2. Hello sumi! (:

    Yes the food's really yummy! Bring your family there when they get back okay? (: