Thursday, November 5

Melt @Marina Oriental

Hello! (: The weekend is finally almost here and I can't be more thankful for that. I'm looking forward to the Dec holidays though I haven't made any plans yet.. I guess it's just good to take a breather from school.

Anyway, Jeffrey and I went to Melt a couple of weeks ago for a Sunday brunch/ lunch buffet. We've read many good reviews about this place so we decided to give it a shot! It is located at Marina Oriental Hotel, which was very crowded on the day we went to Melt because there were FOUR wedding receptions being held concurrently! Gosh. We weaved our way through the crowds of people as quickly as we could so that we could stuff ourselves at Melt!
Initially, we thought that there were very few patrons at Melt because it looked pretty empty from outside. Little did we know that Melt has a HUGE seating capacity and it was relatively packed inside! We took delight in being members of a large and relatively boisterous Sunday lunch/ brunch crowd.
We had the pleasure of sitting right opposite the desserts area, which explains why I could take this shot. Actually, the desserts area is a squarish place with three sides filled with food so what you're seeing is only ONE side of the square! Yes that's how much desserts they have! I felt like I was in desserts-heaven! =)
Nice table setting. Amazing how a single flower can make the entire table setting look more presentable.
Glass of water on table mat with our cutlery. They provided a small white plate for us to rest our used utensils so I'm pretty pleased about it (:

Other empty tables. I love the "homey" feel of this restaurant.

A small dish of water for us to wash our hands after eating seafood! Neither Jeffrey nor I got our hands dirty so we didn't use it at all.

Orange juice. One 'special' thing about Melt's buffet is that you can choose to have the free-flow soft drinks and fruit juices buffet or the free-flow champagne buffet. Since Jeffrey and I don't drink alcohol, we chose the former.
Guava juice. (There were many other kinds of juices and you can even ask the lady at the counter to make mixed-fruit juices for you! Splendid!)

Here are some photos of the food that we ate that day. There was really TOO much food to try and I think we only managed to try half of the dishes served that day!

Sushi, lettuce, prawn crackers.

Smoked salmon, papaya salad, fruit salad, lettuce with salad sauce.

Cheese Fondue! This was time we tried cheese fondue and it's quite nice! =)

Seafood in cream sauce, panfried fish and shepherd's pie.

Duck, pork, some kinda pita and nasi briyani (there were just too many kinds of meat to remember)
Fish chunk, fried potato ball, curry vegetable, curry potato, basmati and two types of indian sauces. (I loved the indian food section, everything there was FANTASTIC!)

More fish chunks and basmati. I couldn't get enough of indian food so I went for numerous rounds!

Meat feast! With nasi briyani and crackers.

Long beans, baked beans, seafood in cream sauce, panfried fish, potato gratin. The Western food section was also very lovely. It was a pity we didn't get to try their made-on-the-spot-burger set cos we were simply too full. It looked good though!

More briyani rice, crackers, mashed potato and prawn.

The BEST on-the-spot cream-based pasta we've ever tasted. The cream was thick and tasty, unlike other cook-on-the-spot pastas. We LOVED it!

I finally couldn't resist my temptation to get a cup of sprite though I've had many glasses of fruit juices already.

Like I mentioned, their dessert section is astoundingly huge and there's such a wide range of desserts that for once, I couldn't finish trying most of whatever I wanted to try! I can't remember what desserts I ate so I'll just post some photos and let them do the talking:

An assortment of cakes (there were many more varieties!)

Warm chocolate cake in a cup. This tasted EXTREMELY sinful but it made me feel SO good eating it!
Their famous waffle with icecream. They also had crepes but we didn't have enough space for that =(

A plateful of dessert-'shooters'. You simply can't get enough of them!

Although we only managed to try about half (or less) of the dishes, we were completely stuffed after our meal! We decided to call for the bill and when it came, I got a shock because our buffet cost $88/person AFTER discount! Oh my goodness. We've never spent so much on a meal before! Thankfully, both of us felt that it was worth our money because the quantity and quality of food were excellent (: Honestly speaking, I was pretty thankful that Jeffrey and I decided to have half a lobster each during the course of our meal because it helped to justify the hefty lunch bill to some extent.

What one of our lobsters looked like, with some salmon sashimi for company.

Lesson learnt: check buffet price before deciding to go for it! (: Alrighty, that's all for now, will update again soon!

Have a pleasant weekend everyone! (:

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