Thursday, November 12

Cafe Vic @Carlton

Hello! Today's been a long but fulfilling day =) Really need to thank the good friends I've in school who keep me sane!

Anyway, I'd like to share some photos that Jeffrey and I took during our buffet lunch session a couple of weeks ago before I head to bed! We went to Cafe Vic for a dessert buffet last year and it was pretty good so we decided to try out their weekend lunch buffet.

Cafe Vic is currently undergoing renovations so we were warned that it may get a little noisy after the official lunch period (12-2pm). True enough, the drilling started almost immediately after 2pm but thankfully we'd our fill by then so we called for the bill and left before our eardrums could get hurt.

Cafe Vic has a relatively wide array of 'starters' dishes, which in my opinion were pretty good (:

Clockwise from green vegetable leaves at '12 o'clock': Coleslaw, Potato salad (yum!), fruit salad (made up of mango, apple and strawberry bits.. YUM!) and Jellyfish.

Left to right: Green leaves, sushi and ham sandwich

Vegetable sandwich and egg croissant

Coleslaw, Potao salad and 2 kinds of sushi (P.S. They do not refill their sushis very often so there was a shortage of sushis at one point in time!)

Cold Soba. (It wasn't nice so please don't take it!)

Salmon sashimi and california maki! (I LOVE salmon sashimi with thick wasibi mixture! Gosh. And I was quite upset that there was only ONE california maki left when I went to the sushi area! Boo.)

Dragon Ball aka Fried Prawn Ball with more salmon sashimi!

Fried fish fingers, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Jellyfish, Fruit Salad. (Jeffrey and I were amused that they served fried fish fingers as one of their dishes.. we could have cooked that at home! But they tasted nice so it's alright.)

Pork ribs(?), Chicken, Dragon ball and Siew Mai.

Fried Potato Wedges, Roasted Duck, Roasted Beef with Sauce. (The fried potato wedges were cold but somehow I finished them anyway.. Must have been really greedy!)

Fried Fish Fingers, Fried Carrot Cake, Stirfry Green Vegetables and Fish! (We got SO excited when we saw fried carrot cake because we NEVER had them at a buffet before! The carrot cake tasted average but it was much better than expected! The vegetables were pretty well-cooked because they were still pretty crunchy when eaten.)

A 'Fried' Platter: Fried Fish Fingers, Fried Rice, Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Dumplings. The fried rice was surprisingly tasty despite looking very bland and ordinary (:

An assortment of cakes: cheesecake, chocolate cake, mango cake and avocado cake. Apart from the avocado cake, the rest were fantastic, especially the chocolate cake.

Black Sesame Paste. (It tasted really terrible. It wasn't blended properly, it had a bland taste and the consistency was just plain wrong.)

Little platelets of goodness: Mango mousse, some kind of creamy thing with raspberry perched at the top, custard with blueberry. Everything was wonderfully delicious!

Jeffrey's version of ice kachang, which consists of nothing but ice and syrup! =)

Honeydew Sago. (Evidently, there were other fruits in it as well such as mango and strawberry bits! This was surprisingly refreshing!)

A scoop of chocolate icecream. (This is possibly the worst scoop of chocolate icecream that we've tasted in any of our buffets. Enough said.)

A glorious piece of chocolate cake. (To make up for the less-than-desirable chocolate icecream, I told Jeffrey to have a nice slice of chocolate cake before we left the restaurant and I'm thankful that we did! It's always nice to end our meals on a pleasant note (: )

This buffet only costs us $32/pax after discount and both of us felt that the price paid was pretty reasonably but we would have preferred a wider variety/ better quality of food/ a combination of both. Having said that, it was nice to have a slow, relaxing Sunday lunch at the relatively empty Cafe Vic restaurant (: If you plan to go there any time soon, please try to go during the 12-2pm window period so that you can avoid the drilling and what not.

Will update again soon! (: TGIF!

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