Wednesday, December 30

Mon Hue

After a long day of sightseeing, we were pretty tired and didn't want to travel far for a meal so we were very thankful when we discovered that Mon Hue was located pretty close to where we stayed! (:

This restaurant is located along a relatively busy street but we managed to find it eventually, thanks to its big and bright restaurant sign!

As the restaurant's name suggests, Hue cuisine is served at Mon Hue. As I've neither been to Hue nor tasted Hue cuisine before, I was pretty excited about trying out their food! Like Restaurant 13 and Ngoc Suong, Mon Hue's menu is also very extensive and there are English descriptions to help non-Vietnamese choose our dishes.

The interior decoration of the restaurant is very pleasant and homely. I love how every cup and bowl has a small hole in it! (: Very aesthetically pleasing.

Complimentary sticky sweet cakes. We wanted to eat them for dessert but they were removed because our table became too cluttered so we never got a chance to taste them!

Little petri-dishes of rice cakes. The rice cake tasted like plain cheechong fun! You're supposed to scrape the rice cake out and eat it with the given toppings. The toppings include grated carrot, spring onions, crunchy things that tasted like unsalted popcorn and a bit of oil. It's a rather bland dish but it's an extremely delightful starter to have.

Their variation of rice paper spring rolls with shrimps. I thought that it was relatively easier to eat this plate of spring rolls since they were cut up into pieces. They tasted pretty similar to the usual Vietnamese rice paper rolls except that there wasn't the usual black sauce with peanuts to dip the rolls in. I much prefer the sweet black sauce with peanuts to the red shrimp sauce as seen in the above photo.

Rice flour roll stuffed with shrimps. This is essentially cheechongfun with shrimps inside. Surprisingly, it was pretty tasteless when eaten alone, which is probably why they provided sauce for us to dip these rolls into. I liked this dish a lot (:

Grilled shrimp paste on bamboo shoots. This was recommended to us by the waitress and we didn't regret ordering it! It's awesome! (: The meat was juicy and tender and I loved biting it off the bamboo shoots. There are other kinds of grilled meat on bamboo shoots which I think you should try as well (:

I think this pile of raw vegetables came with one of our dishes but I'm not sure which. In any case, I didn't touch them because I was busy eating the other wonderfully cooked dishes on the table.

Last but not least, we ordered seafood with mixed vegetables fried rice. We were pretty surprised that the rice was yellow in colour but somehow it didn't taste like pineapple rice. In any case, this plate of fried rice was pretty average so may be you can order more of their recommended dishes and skip this instead.

I'd recommend this place to people who prefer to sample a variety of Vietnamese food instead of having just one main course. It's a great place for treating your tastebuds to an adventure!

98D Nguyen Trai (Limmies: near your hotel)


  1. Ergh, "Limmies" is such an uncool nickname! We should come up with funkier ones like BUMS (Brotherhood of Unbelievable Monkeys) or something! Haha, anyway, the food really does look good! (:

  2. Stop trying to get people to join your bum-hood! Limmies is unique, no one else will want such an 'uncool' but sophisticated name! =)

  3. hm.. in fact, personally, i love more the coffee cup there than the food ;)