Tuesday, December 1

Marmalade Pantry

Hello! (:

The school hols has officially arrived and I'm really happy about regaining my temporary freedom! (: In addition, I'm starting to feel the festive atmosphere and I love it! =) It feels good to be able to do what I want (most of the time anyway) and not dread having to travel to the far reaches of this tiny planet for school!

To usher the school hols in, Jeffrey and I paid a visit to the popular Marmalade Pantry at Ion last weekend!
As expected, it was quite packed and almost all their seats were taken! Thankfully, we made a reservation and hence we didn't have to wait too long to get seated.

Tiny Christmas tree on the table top for decoration. I was reading their Christmas brochure and it seems like they've quite a number of nice festive promotions! =)

Salt and pepper shakers, a bowl of sugar cubes and a glass of water. I really like the simplicity of their layout. It's fuss-free and classy (:

Fruit juice ($8). As I'm on a "rebalancing" phase, I asked for orange banana juice (which isn't in their drinks menu) and I was pleased that they would be able to make it! It was yummy.

Eggs Any Style ($16). Frankly speaking, most items on their menu look very appetizing so I'd a hard time deciding what to eat. In the end, I opted for this weekend brunch dish because I love "American" breakfast! Everything, including the tomato, was well done (: I especially liked the toast and the eggs!

Crabmeat Linguini ($22). Jeffrey tried their famous crabmeat linguine and true enough, it was scrumptious! He polished the entire plate of linguini! (: I think we'll definitely go back again to try their other signature dishes.

As with our mains, we'd a hard time choosing something from their tantalizing dessert menu! Every item looked delectably delicious and I'd a tough time deciding what to eat. Eventually, we settled for a humongous slice of Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake ($7.80). The cake was moist enough though I felt that it wasn't particularly fudgey except for the thin layers of fudge on top and in the middle. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful dish to end off our meal (:

Prior to this visit, Jeffrey and I actually patronized the Marmalade Pantry outlet at Holland Village before it closed down. We went during tea time and we weren't aware of their serving sizes then so we each ordered a slice of cake. When our cakes came, we were shocked to see that they were much larger than expected! If you aren't really a cake person or if you're not particularly hungry, I'd advise you to not order an entire slice of cake for yourself because you'll definitely have a problem finishing it. Thankfully, Jeffrey and I were pretty hungry on that fortunate day that we visited Marmalade Pantry so we managed to finish our cakes! Amazing feat.

The Marmalade Carrot Cake ($7.80). Their carrot cake is much denser than Cedele's but it is chokeful of flavour and goodness! Carrot cake lovers will probably appreciate this cake! (:

Cheesecake ($7.80). This cheesecake didn't leave a distinct impression so I guess it was pretty average. I remember liking the base though =)

I've been putting off this visit to Marmalade Pantry for quite a while because I find the food pretty pricey but the quality of food served makes up for the teensy hole in the pocket at the end of the meal. Thankfully, Jeffrey and I didn't have to pay much for this meal because we applied and made use of the White Card! (: It's basically a card which offers discounts at a number of good (and often expensive, at least to me) restaurants! =) It's quite a worthwhile investment if you enjoy eating! In fact, the total cost of our meal was $36.35 because we'd a $22.90 discount all thanks to the White Card! (: Check it out if you're interested! (:

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