Saturday, December 5

Sweet Salty Spicy

Hello! (:

It's the weekend once again! How's everyone doing? I can't believe the first week of December flew by so quickly =( Sometimes I wish time would slow down when we're having fun! Apart from watching (and finishing) Boys Over Flowers, Jeffrey and I spent some time meeting up with good friends at Sweet Salty Spicy during one of the weekdays!

Sweet Salty Spicy: Food Market & Thai Canteen is located at Rail Mall and it isn't very crowded during lunch time on weekdays so it's quite a good place to chill and catch up with friends.

The interior decor is simple and classy, which befits the restaurant's modern Thai concept.

One reason why I prefer dining out during lunch instead of dinner is because there usually are set lunches/ lunch menus which offer quality food at more affordable prices. Although the a la carte dishes at Sweet Salty aren't too pricey, we still opted for their set lunches because we felt that they were more worth it. You can choose to have either a two course (~$14) or three course (~$18) meal.

Since two of our dining companions came late, we didn't manage to capture photographs of their dishes but I'll just put up whatever that Jeffrey managed to take (: We chose to try different dishes so that we could taste a variety of their dishes.

We had a generous serving of crispy squid and green mango salad for one of our appetizer dishes. I thought that this dish was very well done because it was sour and spicy enough and it met my expectation of what Thai mango salads should taste like.

Another starter was fried chicken wrapped in leaves. The chicken has a "nice Thai flavour" but it wasn't spicy at all so people who can't really take spicy food should order this dish =)

Perhaps the most disappointing starter was the Tom Yam Soup. Not only was it bland, it only had mushrooms and tomato chunks for condiments =( I wouldn't recommend ordering this.

Green curry with jasmine rice. The green curry wasn't spicy but it had a very thick texture. I would have preferred it if it wasn't so thick but I guess that's their style of cooking. Their jasmine rice tasted like normal white rice so there wasn't anything special about it as well.

Traditional Thai fried rice with chicken. Jeffrey thoroughly enjoyed this dish so I guess it wasn't too bad.

Pad Thai. My "default" Thai dish because I always order this whenever I don't know what else to order. It must have been pretty tasty because our friend finished all of it! (:

Sweet Salty Spicy's cupcakes are pretty good and there are quite a few flavours to choose from! A perfect light after-meal dessert (:

Jeffrey & I had a HUGE slice of chocolate cake EACH because it came with our sets. The chocolate sponge cake was pretty hard and the fudge tasted more like chocolate cream instead of chocolate fudge so on the whole, it was decent but not fantastic.

Sweet Salty Spicy is definitely an attractive place to go to because of its relaxing ambience and affordable lunch sets but the quality of food served lacked the wow-factor. In fact, I think you'll get a wider range of Thai food if you were to dine at Thai Express. Nevertheless, it was great being able to have a relatively good meal with friends without having to jostle with the lunch time crowd for seats or to speak loudly in order to be heard (:

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