Wednesday, December 30

Ngoc Suong

If you are a seafood lover, Ngoc Suong is probably THE restaurant that you should visit when you're in Saigon. It is located pretty near the War Remnants Museum so you can pop by this restaurant for lunch/ dinner after your visit to the afore-mentioned museum.

Ngoc Suong provides a wide range of affordable seafood dishes so it's really a dining haven for seafood lovers. This restaurant is one of the few restaurants that has air conditioning so rest assure that you'll be dining in comfort (:

Apart from ordering coke, we also ordered orange juice and coconut juice because we were simply too thirsty!

Coconut juice which wasn't cold so it wasn't as refreshing as I wanted it to be.

Because the crabmeat and asparagus soup at Restaurant 13 left us with a positive impression, we decided to order this soup again at Ngoc Suong. Ngoc Suong's soup had more condiments but the soup base wasn't as thick or flavourful.

The highlight of our meal was these two fried stuffed crabmeat rolls. They were SO tasty that we were tempted to order more! The crispy skin complemented the delicious crabmeat by giving it a light, crunchy taste. It's one of their featured items and definitely a must-try when you dine there!

A basket of stirfried mixed vegetables. Unlike other restaurants that simply place the vegetables on a plate, Ngoc Suong actually serves them in a basket! The basket is pretty sturdy because it softened but didn't crumble even after absorbing the vegetable sauce. I liked the fact that they really used a mix of vegetables for this dish.

Fried seafood noodles. As you can see from the photo, they were very generous with their seafood! The noodles were unusually fine and they were cooked just nice - neither too undercooked nor too soggy.

It'd be better to gather more people to visit Ngoc Suong because it would mean that you can order more seafood dishes! (: Be sure to order their featured dishes and you will not be disappointed!

172H Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3
17 Le Quy Don (as listed on the cover of the menu)


  1. Think that my favourite feature of Vietnamese food so far is that it appears to be generally boneless! (: Or maybe it's just the dishes that you guys ordered?

  2. Hmm I'm pretty some dishes (e.g. a huge steamed fish?) come with bones so just order those that do not have bones! Please order MORE so that you can try a range of food! The food's really cheap so take advantage of the cost! =)