Wednesday, December 30

Quan An Ngon

If you only have the time and budget for ONE good meal in Saigon, I would recommend Quan An Ngon. Personally, I feel that a meal at Quan An Ngon will make your trip to Saigon complete =) We'd trouble locating this restaurant because they shifted to a new location! Thankfully we managed to find their new outlet because it isn't too far away from their original location.

The restaurant is non-airconditioned so it can get a little warm during hot days. The high ceilings and numerous turbo-fans help are effective in helping to keep the place slightly cooler. Quan An Ngon serves a wide range of street food which you can pick and choose either from the menu or by ordering them from the food alley.

As we were seated on the 2nd level, we didn't have the chance to visit the food alley so we ordered straight from the menu.

Fried spring roll with sweet and sour sauce. Although the spring rolls were fried, they didn't have a very oily after-taste. The skin wasn't very thick so we tasted more of the condiments than the skin, which was great! =)

Rice flour spring rolls. The rolls here tasted slightly better than the ones we had before because their ingredients are much fresher. I loved the sauce that came along with these spring rolls =)

A plate of stir-fried mixed vegetables.

Tofu cubes covered with saltedegg egg yolk. Sinfully good! Gives a new twist to the conventional fried tofu with sauce.

Seafood noodle soup. The soup base was mouthwateringly delicious! I'm usually not a big fan of soup base but this one was exceptionally good! Do try it when you're there!

Roasted chicken with rice. Not too sure what it tastes like because I didn't try it but Jeffrey says that it's fantastic (:

Che Suong Xa Hot Luu! Wow I actually wrote down the name of this dessert because it's their must-try dessert! It's the first dessert on their dessert page so be sure to look out for it! Essentially, it is their rendition of chendol and it's a superb dessert to end off your meal! Not cloyingly sweet nor too milky. Try it! =)

As this restaurant is very popular, I'd advise you to go earlier to ensure that you'll get a table! Bon appetit!

160 Pasteur Road


Alright that's the very last of my Saigon food posts. Will go back to blogging about local food! (:


  1. Haha, we can start on a food hunt in Singapore for "Tofu cubes covered with saltedegg egg yolk"!

  2. Alternatively, you can ask Papa to try cooking it! =)