Friday, February 26

The White Rabbit

It's FINALLY Friday! =) I welcome the weekend with open arms, especially so today because the past week has just been crazily busy. Had quite a challenging time trying to get used to my new environment and learning about the place, the people and how things work.. but I'm sure things will be more settled as time passes.

Since I'm in such a great mood (despite feeling slightly tired because I haven't been getitng enough rest), I shall blog about my trip to The White Rabbit at Dempsey last weekend! =) I've heard of this place many times and I've read a fair bit of good reviews of this place but I've always been hesitant about visiting The White Rabbit because I feel that their dishes are pretty pricey. However, we decided to splurge a little and have an extravagant meal since we were 'celebrating' my last weekend of freedom (for a long while).

The White Rabbit is actually a restaurant in an old church! It looks like this from the carpark area.
Nature's sheltered walkway. I like how the thin bamboo branches are bent and tied together at the top to create this dome-like cover. It felt very Japanese-zen-ish walking through the sheltered walkway.
The interior of The White Rabbit. I like the lamps that hang from the ceiling! They give off a very post-modern feel.

Seating area in the restaurant. This side was empty because they packed most of their diners (including us) on the other side of the restaurant.

Their kitchen. The waitresses collect the cooked food from the counter and serve them to us.

Two cold slabs of butter for our complimentary bread rolls.

I went to the washroom while the bread-basket-waitress went around giving out bread buns so i didn't get to choose mine. I think Jeffrey just picked the safest looking (and most boring) bread bun for each of us. The bread bun was pretty alright.

I've a huge soft spot for brunch dishes so I couldn't resist ordering eggs benedict ($23)! (: I don't usually like to eat flowy egg yolk because I think it tastes weird but I don't mind the flowy egg yolk from Eggs Benedict! I chose to have smoked salmon as my 'filling' and it complemented the eggs and muffin superbly! I enjoyed this dish so much that I wished there were a trio of muffin thingys instead of two.

Jeffrey tried their famous mac & cheese ($28) and it didn't disappoint one bit! This mac and cheese is vastly different from any other that I've tasted before. I suspect it's because The White Rabbit uses a different kind of cheese to make this dish. In addition, there was quite a generous portion of vegetables and it added flavour to the dish because I tend to get bored of eating pure mac & cheese after a while.

For dessert, we shared the Baked Alaska ($16), which is essentially icecream served with a layer of cream and fruits at the side. To be frank, I'd rather not have the cream because I think it kind of spoils the taste of the vanilla and strawberry icecream inside. I guess people who like fresh cream will love this dish! Apart from the cream, the rest of this dish was great! It was a pleasure to end our meal with this dish.

On the whole, The White Rabbit is the place to go if you want to be impressed by normal food that's done in a slightly different way. The (relatively small) portions do not really justify the prices but I guess we're paying for the subtle difference between normal food and those that are served at The White Rabbit. The ambience is perfect for having a slow and relaxing meal and to catch up with friends =) Do make a reservation before heading down as the restaurant tends to get quite busy, especially during dinner time.

Alright that's all for now! Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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