Sunday, July 4


Hello! (:

Apologies for not updating this blog as often as I would like to. A brand new term has begun and I'm busy adjusting to my new workload as well as trying to juggle my new responsibilities! Honestly, I don't think I've felt this overwhelmed in a long time! Guess I'll just have to process the new barrage of information as quickly as possible, learn new things and stay afloat! The second half of the year is going to zoom by but I'm gonna make the best of it! =) Right now, I'm hoping that I'll settle down quickly and comfortably so that I can carry out my responsibilities without being trailed by a haze of flusteredness.

Alright, enough rambling about work, let's move onto FOOD! I've been slightly ill the past week so food didn't taste as good as they used to be/ should but being ill doesn't prevent me from eating!

During the holidays, Jeffrey and I met up with my good friend, Joanne, at Relish, a relatively famous burger place at Cluny Court. Jeffrey and I had been to Relish before and our impression of it was pretty favourable. Hence, when Joanne expressed interest in dining at Relish, we jumped at the opportunity to re-visit this restaurant! (:

Relish is famous for their (rather costly) burgers. If I'm not wrong, I came to know Relish through a review of its char siew burger. We proposed going to Relish for family dinner once but our parents thought that paying more than $10 for a burger was insane so we gave Relish a miss. It was only after a while that Jeffrey and I dropped by for our taste of their burgers.

Hand-cut onion rings ($8). To date, this is THE BEST batch of onion rings I've ever tasted. Unlike normal fried onion rings that have little or no real onions in them, the main bulk of the onion rings at Relish were made up of fresh onions! (: Surprisingly, the onion smell wasn't pungent and it made a superb starter!

Joanne chose the blue cheese and pear burger with rocket salad ($16.50). I can't remember her comments but I don't think it was a disappointment.

Jeffrey chose to have a bacon & cheese burger with rocket salad ($15.50). He has tried quite a number of beef burgers so I think he should be able to distinguish a good burger from an ordinary one. He liked his burger quite a lot so I'm guessing that it's pretty good. Though the patty was thick, it was evenly cooked so that is a relief. I am terrified of eating uncooked items which are meant to be cooked.

I chose to have the portobello tofu burger with rocket salad ($17.50) because I remember that it tasted pretty decent (: I thought that the tofu and mushroom slices were thick and juicy but I didn't like the melted cheese on my burger. If you are someone who likes your burger to have a wholesome taste, I wouldn't suggest ordering this because the contents of the burger had discrete tastes and they didn't (at least for me) come together to give an overall oomph. Nevertheless, because I am quite a fan of tofu, this dish sat well with me (:

We decided to order two desserts to share because we were pretty stuffed from our mains. The first dessert that we picked was strawberry cheesecake ($9) because it was recommended by the waitress. When our strawberry cheesecake was sent to our table, I simply stared at it because I've never seen such a deconstructed cheesecake in my life! It got me really excited because I could FINALLY taste the different components that made up a regular cheesecake! I think Joanne and I agreed that this was a definite must-try at Relish simply because of its uniqueness!

Knowing that Jeffrey doesn't like strawberries, we ordered chocoalte gateau with icecream ($12) for our second dessert. I think I've mentioned it before but I shall mention it again - I honestly think it's quite difficult for a molten chocolate/ lava cake to go wrong so it's a pretty safe choice if you don't know what else to order! Relish's chocolate gateau was above average and chocolate lovers should give it a go!

All in all, we'd a good and filling meal at Relish and we would definitely pop by again in future when we feel like we need some burger pampering!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! (: enjoy whatever's that's left and have an awesome week ahead! (:


  1. You should show Nette these onion rings! They are about ten times the thickness of hers! And the burgers look like they will have to be eaten messily? If you use your hands, that is! By the way, it's good that you are no longer sick! Have a good week tomorrow (:

  2. hii jann!!! i'll be back next week!!
    cant wait (: