Saturday, July 31

Mimolette Restaurant & Bar


The weather's been really erratic of late - it rained the entire day yesterday and now it's sweltering hot! I would be pretty happy with the sunny weather if I were heading outdoors for an excursion but I just came home from lunch and buying some stuff for school so no outdoor activities for me today!

Today, I shall share my experience at Mimolette Restaurant and Bar. Mimolette is situated at 55 Fairways Drive, which is somewhere along Eng Neo, near the old turf club! I've been wanting to go to Mimolette since our last visit to Rider's Cafe so I was pretty thrilled when Jeffrey agreed to have lunch there!
While Riders Cafe may be the more popular restaurant out of the two, I feel that Mimolette may not necessarily be 'worse' than Riders Cafe in terms of quality of service and food. One reason why I think Riders Cafe has more customers is because it has a more family-oriented setting whereas Mimolette gives off the posh/ 'atas' vibe. Other than that, people who prefer to have a more 'authentic farm-dining' experience may also opt for Riders Cafe, for it is non-airconditioned and extremely woody, whereas Mimolette has an indoor airconditioned area as well as an outdoor alfresco dining area.

As the weather on the day of our visit was comparable to today's, we opted for indoor seating. Unfortunately, the temperature was slightly too cold for our liking and we requested for a change of table just so that we could get slightly further away from the aircon!

I am starting to realise that I've a HUGE softspot for breakfast & brunch items! (: Somehow everything on breakfast and brunch menus look good to me and I always experience trouble trying to decide on the few things that I would like to order! Mimolette's breakfast and brunch menu offers a wide variety of food and I'm sure everyone who visits this place will be able to find something that they would like to have!

We each had a cup of hot chocolate ($6), which tasted pretty normal. Frankly speaking, I can't tell what a good cuppa hot chocolate should taste like. The best hot chocolate I've ever had was at Angelina's but NOTHING has come close to that. As such, I've decided to take Angelina's hot chocolate off the charts and am trying to devise a more realistic benchmark for hot chocolates. Will keep trying and giving feedback!

Jeffrey's Farmer's Breakfast ($20) which consisted of baked beans, crushed bacon bits, two sunny side-ups and slices of ham. This, in my opinion, is probably the most sparing breakfast set that we've ever seen/ had! I don't think all the items on this plate cost half the price we were charged but I guess they have to find some means to survive, hence the paltry portions =( The individual items on his plate weren't spectacularly good as well so I guess we should give this a miss next time!

Thankfully, my eggs florentine ($16) was MUCH better than the farmers breakfast. I'd two nicely poached eggs with spinach and smoked salmon on top of two pieces of muffin! The hollandaise sauce was thick and creamy and it suited my liking! I was overjoyed when I first tasted my eggs florentine because they were nothing short of perfect! I saw many other customers ordering eggs benedict/ eggs florentine so I guess this is one of Mimolette's more popular breakfast/ brunch items.

As Jeffrey wasn't full from his meagre breakfast set, we decided to order two desserts to share. Speaking of desserts, their breakfast/ brunch dessert range is quite limited so if you've a sweet tooth like me, you may find yourself hoping that their dessert range was just a little wider. Anyhow, we chose to have waffle with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and some fruits ($12), which was decent but not fantastic as well as

a chocolate muffin with fruits ($3). I felt that the chocolate muffin with fruits was definitely more worth it compared to the waffle not only because it was cheaper but also because it tasted much better! I also realised that I like marmalade jam with muffin/ toast! It beats strawberry jam/ blueberry jam hands down!

I think Mimolette's a nice place for people who want to have a slow and relaxed brunch/ afternoon tea with the comfort of airconditioning. Also, you can take a stroll around the area and look at horses after you've had your meal (: Would love to go back there again some time in the near future! Maybe I'll bring my entire family along next time.

Alright that's all for now! Have a great weekend! (:

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